Which will be the hardest strech goal to meet?

I think it’s a toss up between Mac&Linux port and the Co-op multiplayer.

Each of those mean a huge reworking of the engine (unless they already built it to support it, in this case, ignore this) and that is the last thing you want to do late into a project. Yes, it’s still pre-alpha, but even then…

Then maybe planes, depending on how they decide to realise them.

All other goals are just adding content and assets, which is (while time consuming) a straightforward thing to do.

I would assume the ones you have mentioned, as well as PvP (is this the same as cop-op but versus each other or what?) and alternate planes. How many more dimensions can you add? Remember, they have to make all their random generationy stuff for every dimension.

The hardest I would think would be multiplayer. What happens when I start a game with a friend (assuming we each have a city) and I want to play while he’s not online? Is the game unavailable? Does his city disappear? Does it get wrecked because it didn’t disappear? Actual PvP presents different problems, the game needs to run fast enough that it can be resolved in one sitting but slow enough to be accessible to new players. Nobody wants to wait 8 minutes for a house to build since you can’t have speed adjustment in a competitive game or I could send my army to attack and crank the speed up as high as it goes to try to get the jump on my opponent.

For city vs city combat, players need to be able to set a bunch of AI so that their city gets defended the way they intend it to be automatically. That probably won’t be very easy to add.

PvP will have to be balanced differently than the main sandbox game anyway. It will definitely need quicker building, probably the removal of some of the cheesiest units, early defensive structures to defend against rushes etc. If the various PvP-centric MMOs have proven anything trough the years, it’s that PvP balancing is never done.

Psh, early defensive structures. I play zerg, my early defensive structures look just like my early offensive units-oh wait… they are my early offensive units :stuck_out_tongue: