Which weapon types will be supported?

I know that the standard thing like one-handed swords/daggers, shields, bows, 2 handed swords will be supported, but will things like scythes or crossbows be supported from the core game?

I know that, if not, people will make a mod to support those weapons but i was wondering which weapon-types will be supported in the core game :slight_smile:

Based on the Kickstarter video’s, and watching the other videos released, They do show quite a few different pole-arms. So i do not think it would take much effort to make a scythes to be used. With that being said, Scythes should be a militia weapon and not a dedicated soldier weapon. scythes being farming implements would easily be outclassed by spear, pikes, and halberds.

Crossbows would also be another easy one to have in the game, being just a stronger yet slower version of a bow.

dual-wielding crossbow guns makes me all warm and fuzzy inside… :blush:


Darn you Steve i was just about to do exactly that lol

From a RPG (DnD) standpoint those are Hand Crossbows. Very small and light weight. From a practicality standpoint, a light crossbow would be better to use than 2 of these, but it does give you a nice opening volly ;).

I would like to see all the variants of Crossbows as well: Light, Heavy, and Siege (very big, also very rarely used in real life).

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Thanks for all the quick replies :D.
@brendan_ms By scythes i mean battle scythes. Like my scythe “Draco’s scythe” Yangzhoui’s Replica’s .

If scythes are supported that would mean only one weapon i made need special programming :3.
I made a replica of the energy sword from halo and a medieval version. Ill upload them soon :D.

I often get wrapped up in real world weapon thinking, and often forget fantasy weapons. So when you said Scythe my first thought was the farming scythe. But the one you linked would defiantly make me reconsider fighting you :wink:

Real world War Scythes can easily be mistaken for other weapons


Here’s your seige crossbow, courtesy of Ulysses Knapse.