Which is less laggy? Steam download or direct?

My game’s been having a couple of issues with lag lately, and I’ve only been using the Steam version of Stonehearth. I was wondering if using the direct download/installer would be easier on my computer to help relieve the lag.

I know the lag isn’t caused by any bug, it’s simply that my little laptop can’t handle a quite bit. The poor thing’ll probably need to be replaced soon, especially seeing as how something as like a Vanilla SSP Minecraft world takes quite literally 5 minutes to load, and another 10-15 of waiting for me to be able to have a few moments of no lag.

im not sure there is a difference, i havent used the “direct download” since around alpha 6, it shouldnt be any less laggier, unless steam can cause the game to lag…

Well I was wondering if the fact that steam is pretty much running in the background as you play the game causes more strain to be put on your system, thus causing lag. I’ve been wondering if that’s the case, since I’m always looking to relieving stress on my laptop and allow programs to run as good as possible.

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I know Steam used to slow my crappy Windows XP computer down a bit, but it doesn’t seem to affect my new computer vey much. It may depend on your computer.

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You can prevent Steam from running in the background. Right click on your game in Steam, select properties>General and uncheck “Enable Steam overlay in game”


well from the sounds of it @Dracorexion seems to have a pretty… err… crappy.… laptop…

This is correct. It was never really designed to run games on it, at least not games like Stonehearth, Robocraft, etc.

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