Whats the point of the miner?

Sorry if this has been discussed before - if so, I missed it.

All of my hearthlings are happy to do mining, so what is the purpose of the miner class? According to the tooltip he’s 10% faster, but unless I am doing a TON of mining all the time that doesn’t seem worth losing a workers variability.

Or do you need a miner to see ore veins? I did notice in Alpha 8 that I didn’t see ant veins like Tom saw in the A8 intro video, but I still mined tin, gold, silver, copper etc. Maybe I needed a miner ro see the ore prior to mining it…?

As far as I can tell, it’s all about specialization and efficiency. For an underground or particularly mountainous mountainside town, losing a generalized worker could be a good thing: Your miners can mine, while your workers can work. [Not sure if this is actually reflected in the priorities, but it should be.] For a town that doesn’t do much mining, I will agree that it is not too useful.

I’m able to see ore fine without a miner. You do have a chance of getting random ore while mining stone, though.

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I expect we’re going to see more bonuses for miners / nerfs to workers in the future. Also consider that any Forester class will overlap with workers when it comes to chopping down trees - I expect we’ll see similar there too.

TL;DR version: Still in alpha :stuck_out_tongue: .


Maybe the miner will be able to mine 2 or 3 stone voxels at a time?

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My thoughts:

  1. Finds more stone in dirt
  2. More ores in rock
  3. Gems!
  4. Faster mining rate
  5. Upgradeable pick
  6. Better ore/stone carrying capacity?
  7. Special mining features - e.g. maybe the miner automatically builds stairs / mining supports / lighting.

I’m hoping we can see better features in mining downwards and clearing mountains lol, long term playing of the game will need this and also, if trying a harder level, desert or similar, mining downwards will be needed or more accessible without micromanaging it.

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Yeah I assume miners will have perks which make them more proficient and useful…

Higher gem yields
Higher coal yields
Higher metal yields…

possibly the ability to find cool artifacts or fossils

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Yes! This makes a lot of sense. It’s almost like an archaeologist, they are specialized at the delicate operation of digging out artifacts, unlike untrained people who would probably accidentally smash them.