What things will be in alpha 5?

So have they discussed what features will be implemented into alpha 5? or is there some plans for specifically alpha 5? Alos is alpha 5 the end of alpha? Or is there an alpha 6? Are all of these questions impossible to answer? What is the meaning of life?

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lots of “deep” questions… :smile:

unfortunately, all I know for sure is that the alpha state will remain after Alpha 5, and for some time post public release …

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Public release? You mean like Early Access?

no sir… we’re in the early acces phase now (since Alpha 1)… I’m referring to the public release, when everyone who pledged $15 during the campaign, or afterwards from the official site, gets access to the client… :+1:

Ok I see.I should have been more clear though, I meant Steam Early Access. So many tech words to be confused. Thanks for your answers.

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Early access on steam was removed indefinitely because the community asked nicely for Radiant not to do it till later


I’m hoping this week’s Desktop Tuesday will talk about what they’re planning to add, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was mainly a bugfix Alpha, in preparation for said public release.

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I hope it’s a video, I miss Tom’s voice…

My prediction for alpha five… Mason!


That is indeed how it is looking at this time. Cumulatively we’ve checked in a lot of performance optimizations, so a lot of our time right now is focused on making sure everything is still stable.


Does that mean we’re not getting Alpha 5 this week? =(

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All I can say is that Alpha 5 should happen before the end of the month.


can not wait :smile:

Darn it, was really hoping to play some this week as I have the week off Q_Q

Of course people will be disappointed not to get another major feature release like Alpha 4, but I think optimizations and bugfixing is a very good idea at this time. You want to make sure the public release folks get the best possible experience on their first version to play.

Alpha 4 made the game, an actual, you know, game. It’s very playable, and many of the basics are there to provide many, many in-game days of fun. Hopefully the groundwork has been laid in the engine now to add new classes, etc. relatively easily and without breaking a lot of other things, too, so that Alpha 6 can add in a lot of new features again.


Even if it is just a bug fix there are some great mods that add alot of content going on :slight_smile:


The Dev Blog is now up with an explanation of what they’re going to have in Alpha 5. Spoiler alert: not much! Indeed, it will be a bug fix only Alpha 5, sounds like. Fences will be fixed, apparently.

The good news is, we’ll be getting this Alpha 5 much sooner than any of us could have expected and it sounds like Alpha 6 will be rather ambitious, with mining added to the game, as well as some other cool stuff like roads, trading, and leveling.

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Well, when Alpha 5 FIRST comes out, not much besides fixes and fence. But DURING alpha 5 (Alpha 6 development), we are getting alllll sorts of goodies.

Well of course. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how Alpha 6 shapes up in the unstable branch after Alpha 5.