What should I do?(boring for average reader)



Ok so I know this was really dumb but to donate to stonehearth I needed a pay pal account so I created one and without thinking made the email address for my school email.So now that I have left my school the email account is disabled and well I won’t be getting stonehearth.So if some one could help me out and tell me if I should contact gmail @Tom or pay pal or a combination of them all.
Should I get pay pal to change the email address by confirming my moms credit card then show @Tom the confirmation?Anyway sorry for being an idiot but would be great if you guys could help.


I suggest that you send an email to @Tom with all of this info attached. But if you can’t access the PayPal confirmation number, you probably won’t be able to get it without paying again. But hey, what do I know.


Also, you can try contacting your old school. Chances are the email is only disabled and not yet deleted. Maybe they can help you out.


If it’s with PayPal, I’d say contact @Tom and even send your ID if he asks for it (he can verify your PayPal then) and swap email addresses I guess.


as folks have said, a combination of the two is probably in order…

if you have no means of getting the confirmation ID, i think your best bet is to contact PayPal, and provide them with the email address/payment method you used and see if they can provide you with the transaction ID as well as switch addresses… radiant should have access to paypal donation details, so if you can show the transaction ID, you should be good to go…


Ok thanks guys :)…