What Kind of Community are we?

After the kickstarter alot of people have come to the forums and the community here has expanded. For Games like this and kick-starters especially, The community behind the game is almost as important as the game itself. The forums for games like minecraft or dwarf fortress tend to have a particular flavor or characteristic in the community. I came from dwarf foretress and we lot were know for our rather morbid humor that was reflected in the game.

Now what our community is is mostly driven by us, the community. so while we have alot of new people coming in and we haven’t really settled into who we are (or what we are called) what kind of community do we want to make?

regardless of the type of community we make, i think it should be ruled as an iron-fisted dictatorship… preferably with @Geoffers747 in charge, and me serving as his Leftenant… :smiley:

i think we’re off to a fantastic start as a community though… lots of very helpful folks, and obviously some very talented fans as well!

First order of business would be getting you to wear that pink tutu I got for you.

And don’t tell me you wouldn’t look good in it, because damn it you would look fabulous.

it’s all about portion control… and wearing slimming colors…

at least, thats what Dr. Oz told my wife… :smiley:

I have no idea who Dr. Oz is, but I am very familiar with your wife.

That joke is gonna get really old, really fast.

Love you.

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I can sure for sure that so far that the community here is for the most part, more mature, patient, helpful, and forgiving then most others I have seen.

So that is a plus.


Whatever else we are, we are most definitely a community forged by people of various nationalities, ethnicities, identities, beliefs and lack thereof. All able to come together in the enjoyment of the prospects for this game.
So as a matter of definitions, i would classify that as a culturally rich community.

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[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:2, topic:1028”]
regardless of the type of community we make, i think it should be ruled as an iron-fisted dictatorship…[/quote]

It is generally best for a community to be treated that way, trolls are invaders who seek to break down your fortifications and kill all of your people. It’s pretty much like a video game, but with the typical always chaotic evil monsters replaced by bored 13 year-olds.

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needs to be a video game

[quote=“Wilderkitty, post:9, topic:1028”]
needs to be a video game[/quote]

To the Kickstarter-Mobile!

Based on what i’ve seen in the various topics there seems to be a certain lvl of respect and lots of encouraging of various idea’s/ concepts and creations. If we as a community continues to respect each other, well then that’s the identity we will have.

thats my 2 cents anyway


very well said @Amlin … so well said in fact, that i shall refrain from making a snarky response…

i want to, mind you… but i shall refrain… :wink:

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And i respect that :wink:

well either we could be an inspiring community that flood that place with great ideas… or we could just be annoying and saying the same stuff all over again and then just trash talk everything that the dev’s do… and don’t forget about demanding nerfs for everything that you can’t handle.

:3 thou iron-fisting sounds like fun too.

we are the best community because we’re the Stonehearth community!!
also this is the first real community I’ve ever joined and it’s so far one of the nicest places ever, and we do so far have the best ideas in the world (by community I’m including the devs) and yeah Iron fisted is best, but who shall we make our dictator? I vote @SteveAdamo because he’s already president of the pepe appreciation club

ahh… i see you have aspirations of rising among the ranks… well done… well done

His judgement is clouded, and his vote is obviously misdirected.

I’ll forgive you this once @Reaperwright88 but do it again, and well, I might just flag your post!

@SteveAdamo @Geoffers747 I’m looking to rise up in ranks so if you need a head enforcer… Tah dah I’m right here

oh and were the community which can break our forum the most :wink: ( before anyone tells me off, I know its a work in progress and will soon be rectified) and even as I wrote this the forum hiccupped, lol ( still best forum ever)


Just kidding, but seriously, there is an edit button for a reason, so try to avoid the double-posting, please.

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