What do you look for in a map

What do you look for when deciding where to build ? This is all confusing to me… does water have a use, does enemy attack from the edge of a map, how far from your camp does enemy spawn.
Please share how you help decide and look for. Thank you in advance.

One point is having natural walls so you dont have to wall off the entire city.
Another one is the density of materials and special plants. You may also want to start close enough to a mountain for a shorter walk way to ores, but not on just rocky terrain, because farmers need soil.
Just find your preferred balance.


What is the brown patches of land for ?

Variety. I heard someone say that you are more likely to find clay digging out those “dry riverbeads”.

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Everyone is going to have their own take on where to build, I usually like to build in almost a cove surrounded by mountains. I like to build around water, and I can get minerals from the mountains surrounding the cove it just makes it more convenient for me.

I definitely like to have my back to a wall - I can dig stairs up the side of a cliff/mountain for ore and ore access, and have one or more angles of attack closed off for my peace of mind. Lots of berries is a good start as well!

I’m looking forward to water having a more important use in the future, though.

It really depends on the type of game you are playing. Peaceful games, I build in open spaces with plenty of room to spread out. Normal and hard mode games, I try to find areas with natural choke points and defenses so my soldiers don’t have to run around too much. Areas that are easily walled off.