What can we expect from alpha 12?

I know this may come of as a tad bit hasty, but what do yall think alpha 12 has to provide us? To answer this question, we can look into the cosmos!!! Just kidding. Although it would be cool to predict development progress using horoscopes (maybe that could be a stonehearth feature?), I think we’d be better off trying to use the trello board instead, as well as the development roadmap. First off, based on ranged combat’s blue color on trello and the fact it is “currently in progress” on the roadmap suggest we can expect ranged combat in alpha 12. Multiple workshops are for sure going to be a thing in alpha 12, based on their green on both the roadmap and trello, plus the fact the devs literally said that was slated for an alpha 12 release in a blog post. It also seems that more varied roof, wall, and slab materials will be a thing, due to their “green” presence on trello and the fact it shows “Floor tiles and wallpaper” as well as “Many more construction parts” being shown green on the development roadmap. Ruins, although blue on the trello board, are actually in progress right now, but we can expect more variety and purpose to be present behind them in alpha 12. As for crafters of the same class cooperating: that I am totally uncertain of. Although it shows green on the trello, I know nill of it being worked on now, and personally, I don’t think we even need it at the time being. As for castle-style roofs and interior walls, to me, they seem like they wouldn’t take to long to develop, and being blue on the trello and having not a lot left ahead or behind it, it seems completely possible to me. Honestly, there’s not a lot left I can talk about. Designating Bed ownership and Planting trees doesn’t seem like something that will happen anytime soon, and neither does anything else left on the trello board.

So, in conclusion, in alpha 12, I predict that the more-sideish features would include:

  • Multiple workshops
  • Wallpaper’s, new materials+building tools and such.
  • More variety in ruins

But the major thing most people would get hyped over would be ranged combat. But who knows? Team Radiant can be very suprising at some times, and personally, I both hope and expect to be surprised!

Make sure to reply and leave your opinion in the comments, and I’ll see ya later!

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well a lot of features got moved from A 11 into A 12, such as,

  • water part 2 (rivers etc…)

  • multiple workshops

  • crafters working together

  • stairs

  • and possibly archer.

thats all that i can think of off the top of my head.


IIRC, in a Desktop Tuesday they mentioned that multiple crafters working together and multiple workshops for a crafter went together.

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your probably right, as i just mentioned this how it came to mind, i didnt actually “quote” anything :wink:

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Well, if crafter’s working together is a thing next alpha, that’s cool with me, but unless there are some craftables that can only be made by more than one crafter, I don’t see it as a very nessecary feature at the moment. When we get into later game, it would be helpful, for example, cooking up a feast for a festival would probably require a lot of cooks, or making a huge statue would take a lot of masons, but for now, when the furthest your village is going to get will probably be 5-15 buildings (unless your a forum architect) until more content and bug fixes are added. But this is my opinion. I can see this happening, but, like I said, doesn’t seem very helpful at the moment.

Being honest I don’t find the current situation much enlighting towards game development, some titles may be found here ( trello ) and there ( roadmap ) but these do not provide much details to me on what is actually being worked on.

Due to this fact I must admit I no longer know what to expect. As much as I enjoy this game I just hope this is only me feeling this way and not the community.

well when they start working on new features they update the Dev blog about whats happening (at least they usually do, but sometimes they are to busy to.)

edit: this is one of the things thats confirmed,

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