What are you waiting for to buy?

Hey all first time poster, long time watcher.

This is for all the other watchers who for for whatever reason haven’t brought the game yet. For me I think I will buy after the next alpha release, at that point I feel there is enough there that if this dev burned me (and I highly doubt they will) I think the community could step in and finish the rest.

So if you are a watcher make an account, its free, and share what you are waiting to see before you invest.

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I am waiting for some more of the features to be implemented (Combat, would probably be something that would cause me to take the leap and buy it).

… And I’m pretty much broke, due to having been spending my money on supplies for my Spartan armor costume, which some of you have seen.

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I understand most of the people are waiting before they buy.
One of the reasons I bought it immediately is so I can actually help debug the game, bring in my ideas et cetera! Makes me feel more part of the whole development :slight_smile:
I agree it’s still a bit empty tho