What are some of your favorite anime series?


Pretty much. You have the tying up of all of the loose strings and everything is coming to a conclusion. Extending that even into another few episodes would only ruin the otherwise great ending we received.


People recommend me some animes, I need stuff to watch whilst I wait for Arrow tomorrow :smile:

What are some of your favourite series & films

Code Geass or Soul Eater if you haven’t watched either. If you have, then…someone else’ll have to recommend. Most of my stuff I watch is pretty much the top layer of what everyone watches getting into anime. :smile:


dont forget the flash :smile:


Watched that today :smile: Flash comes day before arrow :smile:


Basically, everybody concurs with you on that one (by and by, I can’t pick. I adore them both for what they are). I think ordinary FMA is a pleasant segway into Brotherhood, which is the reason I regularly prescribe it first. That is the way I got my better half to begin viewing.

I have Read Gakkou Gurashi Latest Manga - Mangazuki. This is my favourite manga.