What are some of your favorite anime series?


So, I’m watching Kill la Kill. Alls I can say is…what…the…hell?!

What kind of acid where these guys on when they wrote this?!


believe me that’s how I felt when I started it and then it just became gradually more awesome on how they did it great piece of comedy


The acid that makes good animes


Just finished episode 9 of it…it’s still some of the weirdest crap I’ve seen in a long time, and I’ve watched some odd anime’s.


Kill la Kill is just awesome! HALLELUJAH!!! :smiley:


I don’t know that I myself would consider it awesome, just very…intriguing…and somewhat just plain wrong…hence the intriguingness.

I also hate to compare it to another anime that had a much bigger budget, because I understand that it is in fact a low-budget anime, but if I had to pick between it and Soul Eater, I’m gonna watch Soul Eater every single day. It found a way to take a lot of the funny and shocking elements of Kill la Kill and weave it into a pretty dark plot. Plus every time I look at the show I can’t help but get a “Nightmare before Christmas” vibe from the show, which I love (and honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more memorable soundtrack than Soul Eater’s).


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Yeah, this makes the awesomeness. After an objective look the anime is really crazy, but they managed to build a world you want to find out more about. And of course you have Mako, the reason why I personally love this anime. It’s just too crazy to be just rated as the “standard” it is… :smiley:
Just out of competition :slight_smile:


I mean, I’m going to keep watching it. That automatically says something about it. Usually if I don’t like an anime I stop watching it after the first couple of episodes (Bleach, One Piece, and Gurren Laggan are three that come to mind for me).


So then leave your opinion an the second season of Kill la Kill. Because the episodes just getting crazier and crazier :smiley:

I nearly never stopped watching an anime. Right now this just happened two times (Fairy Tale and Naruto). I even watched the hole season of KissXsis xD I don’t know why, but I always want to see the ending, even if the anime isn’t the greatest. I just don’t like unfinished stories (btw Hunter X Hunter driving me crazy^^) or maybe I just want to see the thoughts of the mangaka. As a writer myself, this could be really interesting…


Naruto I gave up on litterally less than a season before it transferred over to Shippuden. That one more than anything annoyed the living crap out of me. I liked the premise, and they had some decent character building (even though Naruto’s stagnates pretty significantly), but the execution on it was horrible. By the end of it, for me at least, pretty much any episode that didn’t focus on Rock Lee or Gaara (or both) was wasted time in my book.

Fairy Tale is better than I thought. I’m watching it mostly because my gf likes it and we’ve already watched a lot of the staple animes.

I’m a writer as well, but if a story doesn’t hook me near the beginning, I don’t waste my time with it. Or if I get too bored with it I don’t have a problem dropping it, though I’ve only dropped a handful of animes part of the way through up until now.


Yeah, Naruto wasn’t so well executed, but I really loved the world building. I a world can really hook me up, I can forgive a bad pace or some bad storylines. The Pain Arc in Naruto Shippuden is - in my honest opinion - one of the best executed arcs I have ever seen in a manga/anime. But after the beginning of Shippuden ist just alright, nearly everything after it is just something between standard and garbage.

I also like Fairy Tale for the world building and some of the ideas in it, but like Sword Art Online I just can see too much wasted potential. Sometimes I just wanted to scream because some unessential jokes destroyed the flair… so because of some exams I had to pause Fairy Tale and I never found the motitvation to start again…

Yeah, It’s just some quirk of me. As said, even I don’t know why^^


After going through so much crap with the regular Naruto series, I just didn’t have the compulsion to go through with Shippuden.

Also, why is it that some of the more annoying characters always get some of the more bada** abilities/weapons/theme songs? I love everything there is to love about Natsu from Fairy Tale other than the fact that he almost never develops as a character. He’s always stuck in the same rut. But again at least the show is better than I thought it would be.

I enjoyed SAO a lot more than others that I know. I know it’s not the best story in the world and the characters aren’t all that great, but I still like it. Call it my guilty pleasure.

Also, speaking of annoying characters getting great stuff, I can not get Black Star’s theme out of my freaking head. He’s almost as annoying as Naruto (almost makes up for it with significantly more moments of awesome and he does develop pretty significantly as a character)…but that guitar theme…gah I love it. <3


Hetalia. Hetalia and Attack on Titan. <- My life right now.


you guys are overloading me with “anime options”… please tell me I can binge watch some of these on Netflix? :smile:


Good question - I’ve no idea how many of these are on Netflix (I’ve never actually even registered there :open_mouth: ).


I don’t know how many are on Netflix. They seem to have changed from the last time I looked through their selection (I know I tried to find Trigun on there last night and they didn’t have it :cry: ).


I watched Attack on Titan, Soul Eater, SAO, ALO, Death Note, and Knights of Sidonia on netflix before I learned about Crunchy Roll. And there are like 10 others on my to-watch list. :smiley:


@Andrew91 Yeah, I know the problems with the first Naruto series. Over here in Germany, it was a real pain to watch it, because they censored every blood, violence or even the word “death”. It was just ridiculus bad…

Yeah, I surely can see what people love about Fairy Tale, but it doesn’t really hook me. While it’s okay for me, if a character don’t develop in 9 hours, it’s really annoying if this happens for like 70 hours :smiley:
But that’s a really subjective impression.

Hmm… I never watched Black Star, so I can’t jump on this^^ But the theme is interesting.
One of the title-songs I really like is the one from Highschool of the Dead. Even if I usually don’t like womens singing and even if I really “hate” the anime itself, I just party this one :smiley:

I don’t have netflix, but seeing through there list, there are many nice ones you could see… :wink:
It’s not too bad after all ^^


3 words: Sword Art Online
infact, I’m watching it right now.


It’s saturday evening, just finished watching Log Horizon II 6, so here is the standard posting:
AKATSUKI-CHAAAAAN! :slight_smile:

Since I read the Light Novel, I was looking forward to this episode. I really enjoy the character building and development and the romance between Akatsuki and Shiroe is one of a few I “care about”. So I just have to write again (and again and again), that Log Horizon is one of my favourite anime series :smiley: