What are some of your favorite anime series?


my goodness folks… 58 unread posts, out of nowhere! :smile:

please tell me these are all at least topical? we’re discussing the merits of one or more anime series, yes?


yes I believe it was the discusion of RWBY that increased it


We’ve been trying to get better about not derailing topics, hence the increase in posts.

It was a very thorough and enthusiastic discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of RWBY in comparison to other animes, hence the number of posts.


I just watched it again and i would actually say that Ruby has a character progression in the form of getting more open to other people and she gets better at trusting her own decisions and communicating with her teammates. Not the biggest change (and quite a bit cliche) but it is there. She is lacking in some other personality development though.


I suppose it’s wrong to say nothing is there but it’s how cliche it is that I have a problem with


But it is well told cliche, like avatar which makes it OK, not all stories need to be original. Yes RWBY is not a big inspirational piece when we talk about characters or plot but it is still well told and that is what matters for me :slight_smile:


which character from avatar looks over at main characters been awhile sense I watched it decent cartoon okay I did king of like it looks at my map game character well it’s not because of characters that I liked it they weren’t the worst chacters they did their job with bringing good mood to the story they had looks at Ruby and Yang then looks at sorra and katara those two combos? I believe they still play the loss of their parents better but they have better budget and longer episodes to do so shrugs dono what to say really


Oh lets try that again Avatar (pandora film thingy)
Sorry about the confusion.
It is my reference every time people starts hating on cliches. :slight_smile:


haha yea well avatar the airbender came first and more related to topic so I thought that

hmmmm as for the movie I really can’t compare it to this it is on a whole different level in all catagories honestly makes it hard to look at just character development and such speaking of which a movie generaly doesn’t focus on character development they have it preset to the cause at hand and focuses more on revealing that character than anything which is what I’m saying they are lacking in Ruby and Yang so I fail to see the comparison

speaking of which when is that sequel heard something about it years back fails to keep up with anything news worthy


What i was talking about that you can find good movies/anime/cartons/books/manga with cliches i took Avatar (Pandora) as an example, i did this to make an comparison.

The point is that yes RWBY is cliche but it is a good cliche just as Avatar. It is still entertaining and you still feel bad for the character you still think that when the character does lite that and that it is really sweet . So i don’t really care if it is cliche because they are using the cliche characters in a great way. :slight_smile:


not saying anything bad about honestly just saying they could do more but it looks like they’re revealing more about what happened which is fine and all but the characters don’t look like they care about their past all that much


I think we have been around that… So this means we have been all around it once more which means end of discussion :slight_smile:


Just found the time to look at the beginning of Psycho Pass II.
F***, I’m so hyped now… I hate the waiting for a new episode :smiley:


Been watching too much Soul Eater recently, also almost done with Attack on Titan. Anyone care to guess what my favorite number is, and by extension my favorite Soul Eater character?


My favorite anime, if I had to pick, is probably Mai Otome or Mai Hime. They both have great story lines and will make you laught and cry throughout

FMA:B and .Hack//Sign are also good.

Also Galaxy Railways season 1. Season 2, not so much >.<;


Hmmm…7? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, there is no such thing as too much Soul Eater. It is just a fantastic series.


I watch one series and go to the next


:frowning: No, it’s 8, it’s perfectly symetrical, and my favorite character is death the kid by the way. :wink:


lol I guessed. That’s why I said 7, because he absolutely hates 7. :smiley:

Also, who doesn’t like Death the Kid? He is probably the biggest bada** out of the group. Plus his little theme song when he’s doing his soul resonance is just so catchy.


Okay… just started (and finished^^) mirai Nikki…
And while I’m saying “standard” too many times, when it comes to anime, I just can say… masterpiece.
From zero to (in my honest opinion) one of the best anime “short-stories”… totally in LOVE! :smile:

And thank god, the OVA exists… so now I can go to a party without crying like a baby xD