What are some of your favorite anime series?


Just letting you know, I didn’t start talking about all of this to point out every single little flaw with RWBY. For a first try I think it’s decent enough. I just have a problem with the storytelling of it, that’s all.

I know I know. But dang you set me up so well with that one, I couldn’t refuse the bait. :wink:


meh I could disagree as the series was good it wasn’t the best by far

watch Shin Sekai Yori some time


I think i am lucky on that point as i can build on a story in my head constantly until new info is given. This means i can enjoy the series without feeling that it misses too much plot :slight_smile:


I can too a good part of the time. I’m just getting such a disconnect from what the characters should be like and what they’re actually like that it unsettles me. A little more detail (not necessarily through exposition, mind you) wouldn’t go amiss. The reason I love Weiss’ character progression so much is that a huge amount of it is subtle, and you get the insights you need behind the mask that she wears. We don’t get that much with the others.


I think it was the sudden plot creation for Yang and Ruby that threw me off they had nothing at the begining and now they have backstory thrown in


Well that only make stuff more fun :slight_smile: I normally let it have an influence on how i watch/read the stories. It is quite fun though it had some strange effects in school when my analysis of short story is miles away from what my teacher sees :slight_smile:

Wait sudden?
The back story is already told from chapter 10 i think. (You need to get the lyrics of the songs to get it though)

Red like roses tells about how Ruby lost her mother
while Gold tells about Yang took care of her.


there’s more backstory than that and what you just stated is generic and I do not accept it as character background -.- not in the setting they live in


Those were all great insights, but Red Like Roses was almost like an outsider’s view of what happened to Ruby, as opposed to Mirror Mirror, where Weiss literally bears her soul to us.


I feel that the second part is very personal, after what i understand it is a song between her and her mother.

Also yes the background is cliche but Avatar (The one on Pandora) was too that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t beautiful told (Mostly through music here but still)


It’s possible. I felt more of a connect with Mirror Mirror though, and I’ll leave it at that (mostly because I have to go to work now).


Weiss will always have a place in my heart just because she got presented the way she did :blush: (Seriously if a character isn’t broken inside it isn’t worth anything) All of sudden Thobjørn understood his dislike for Twilight

Also i now think that we have got down to so small think that we should end the discussion here :slight_smile:


I personally like blake


Terry Pratchett remarks wonderfully on aspects of the Human mind, It is one of the things that makes him such a great writer.

The reason Weiss and Blake have backstories is because they are both connected to the main Plot, Weiss’ family owns the company that holds a monopoly on Dust trade and Blake has connections to the terrorist group (The White Fang) that is attacking the Dust companies and the story is about stopping those terrorist attacks.

My favourite is Ruby, I don’t care if she has bad character development. SHE HAS A BAD-ASS SCYTHE!!! she doesn’t need character development!

  • New Log Horizon
  • New SAO II
  • First 3 episodes of Psycho-Pass 2 (missed the start).

Oh my gosh… and I wanted to be productive just once :slight_smile:


what where really damn not on crunchyroll


[quote=“taklu, post:340, topic:2674”]
what where really damn not on crunchyroll[/quote]
As I’m looking it “german sub”, I don’t use crunchyroll that much…
But while starting the new semester, I really just forget about the second season xD

But first It’s time for Log Horizon :smiley:
Okay, just one thing to say: Akatsuki-Chan! EPIC! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :slight_smile:


guess what guys crunchyroll is so awesome they got mystery boxes for anime and manga and they are on huge sale today (annual sale) the time to treat yourself

check them out you can get lucky with some great classic anime or mangas


At the moment im into Sword 'Art Online, Gun Gale Online, FairyTale and Attack on Titan


SAO=GGO when it comes to anime their using that the only reason they are linked is each season is tied with ALO (Alfheim Online)

have you heard of Log Horizon it’s ORPG setting like SAO


yeah :smile: