What are some of your favorite anime series?


awwww I like fairy tail … looks at character development … they’re just a little slow on giving it and um I remember the manga being better although it’s going off the manga quite perfectly dono why I feel the manga was better


first season was to bring the group together second season they have touched on both Weiss and Blakes story quite well and for each episode being 5-12mins long filler isn’t going to hurt like a 23min episode


I’m ok with Fairy Tail, mostly because it’s exactly what I expected going in (also because my gf loves it, so I watch it with her). In fact, it’s actually impressed me at times.


I kind of disagree, and think that filler in this case hurts more for two reasons: you already have slow character progression and a limited number of episodes, and the fact that each episode is shorter than most anime means that they already have less time to build the characters, meaning that filler hurts the pacing of the series even more than a normal anime.

The only two that they’ve given enough time to develop have been Weiss (the best character building in the entire show) and Jaun (yay character progression from the bumbling idiot to the…er…semi-competent bumbling idiot). Problem with that is that Jaun isn’t a main character and he’s being developed better than three quarters of the main characters…that’s a pretty significant problem.


But i actually don’t think that they need to show so much of their back story. As if you know it you can start to make your own understanding of why they behave like they do. A lot of people have this idea that if a character have a background where she lost a parent she needs to be sad. While to me if the person is smiling and is able to laugh afterwards it is a sign of mental strength (Or the ability to ignore bad thing) which again just makes Ruby to a quite incredible person, if she can smile and laugh after loosing her mother and her dad. (Yes he is not dead but if he is locking him self up in a little cage it is basically the same)
It also proves just how strong Yang is to actually be able to keep her family together after what has happened and still be able to smile for Ruby’s sake.

Character development is quite hard and it isn’t because there is much time in the episodes or it has spread over a big time span yet it wouldn’t really make sense to make much character development.

And how can it in any way be compared to Fairy tale with 175 episodes and people who has done this before? They have a really big budget to work from.

But the filler is what makes it fun and goofy :slight_smile:


yea Jaun as well just was talking about the main group the fillers I think you may be reffering to is plot proggression I didn’t consider any episode as a filler that I can think of


I actually feel that all the chapters either have:

  • Introduced a new (Important) character
  • Making important plot progression
  • Introduced backgrounds
  • Explained different characters behavior.


Naruto had character progression in the first season, heck in the very first episode even, and I can’t stand that show. If Monty hasn’t figured out how to give his characters progression by the third season of a show that I until now have given the benefit of the doubt to, then it’s not worth any more of my time.

So bad character progression and development, which usually is the fault of the writer (in this case Monty, Kerry, and Miles) can instead be blamed on the budget? Monty has no vested interest in writing a decent script and story because they don’t have money? Bull crap I say. I’m a writer, and money should never interfere with your image for a story.

I could care less about the graphics or how quickly the story is put out. If they need the time to produce a better product, then I (and probably others) would be more than happy to let them do so. I’m even able to understand the quality of voice acting because, as you said, their budget isn’t the greatest.


this is covered by her need to become a huntress

I don’t feel she has any character to call her own that doesn’t involve Ruby she shows signs of jealousy as well


So, the food fight wasn’t filler?


Naruto is really really well written by character progression viewpoint it is done quite good and so on but There is actually more playtime in the first series than there is in the 2 seasons of RWBY up until now.

Also just gonna leave this quote here:

Well With RvB we have seen these characters alot, we already know
everyone and how they react so it’s easier to write an arc based on
that. And RvB started with just a comedy, there was no one forcing plot
or character developments it’s just a couple of guys wanting to make us
laugh. Rwby is different, it JUST started but people want action and
development NAO. I really hope they dont rush the story because the fans
are so impatient.

Just as an answer to your “They have done this before with RvB”

Sorry i didn’t quite understand this?

I feel her character comes out beautifully in her love to Ruby and her search for her mother.

The food fight was a nice way to open a season Fun, Action and some foreshadowing about “They can’t be children forever” and suddenly we are back in a little darker tone.


It may have been a bad example, but it was mostly to emphasize that Monty isn’t a newbie and has had some experience with developing characters.

I know that there was more leeway, just pointing out that even it, as cheesy and as infuriating as it was, was able to pull of character development fairly well within the confines of the time it was allotted.

Sure, and I’m behind this, but you can’t say there was no filler and just a nice, tight storyline in the first two seasons when the entire food fight is nothing but filler.

I also get the feeling that they had already emphasized the “they can’t be children forever” a couple of times already. Did we really need a rehash of that?


huntress fight the bad guys fairy tale type thing she wants to be part of she doesn’t hide the bad stuff and it’s not like it doesn’t effect her rather it drives her shows her views are still childish in nature

generic sister and the whole search for her mom was revealed only in one episode in a conversation big suprise she had a goal honestly looked like she was just having fun bashing up the monsters


This was mainly to bring them back down a level to show they are just young and having fun away from all the fighting what were some of the other times I generally block out the unecessary parts of shows


But the problem is that he up until now has worked with characters with an established story and personality.
Yes he makes mistakes but i am forgiving them because of he haven’t done this very much.

Again i am very impressed by how well he did give Naruto a progression without destroying his personlity

But she could just as well have become a quite dark character with that background instead she smiles and is happy, therefore i see her as a really strong character.

Again this is just me building on the stories i see in the series. But when i think of Yang she seems to conceal her real feeling to Ruby, as trying to spare her from it. Which says quite a lot about her as a person.
(I really like that because my imagination i can create a great story from even the most see through plot, It makes it loads of fun to read and watch series but makes me totally blind for mistakes like the writer forgetting to build enough on a characters story as long as it is there.)

Also about the filler in the first part of season 2 yes it was a filler but fillers are a great way to start out seasons 2-3 mainly because it needs to wake people without foreshadowing too much.

Also you guys could just as well read this:

I is basically the same discussion


it’s only after a child has grown past the fairy tales that they become dark from looking at how the other people act


Or just a child who has lost her mother and is really sad? I have actually met quite a lot characters where the “still believing but sorrowful” makes a beautiful story as you can have a person who is a little broken inside but still looking forward.

When they stop believing in the fairy tails though we start to get the villains. Broken people with nothing but hatred to the rest of the world or people totally without empathy.


Or, we get characters like Edward and Alphonse Elric. Just throwing it out there for ya. :wink:


Just gonna tell the discussion doesn’t cover second season, but a lot of the same thing are being picked up :slight_smile:

Also that these are people who still believe but are down in the darker spectrum. :slight_smile: But i am just gonna point out that it is not fair comparing any manga/anime/cartoon to Full metal alchemist as they have some of the best written characters i ever seen. :slight_smile:


that’s why I said that wanting to be a huntress covers that earlier I’m on the same page as you on this one just would wish they grew on it more I suppose this is why they made Ruby leader to teach her responsibility

perhaps I feel with the way Yang is going with her character decelopment she could end up becoming a villian along with the fact that the one that saved Yang was probably her mom