What are some of your favorite anime series?


And then i learned something new :slight_smile:
That was a quite interesting read.


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I meant for the series in general[/quote]
After seeing the hole season, I think it’s well executed standard. It’s a nice world building with some new ideas, but after all it’s routine. But that’s not bad at all… the hole season I had like 0 WTF-Moments, but I also had a real good time. A nice pace without big failures and some lovely characters. Even with the “cliffhangers” it was more like “I know what will happen, but I just want to see ist!” because of the high quality anime.

After all, it was a nice introduction to the world and I’m looking forward to January for coming back =)


I am just gonna post a warning from @naturalnuke here:
Don’t watch the trailers for RWBY before watching the first few chapters. If you watch the trailers first you Will get disappointment as they don’t give the best feeling about what is going to happen in the series.


First episode, then the trailers, then the rest.

But I started watching the trailers when they were being released. I wasn’t disappointed though, because on podcasts etc that Monty was on he frequently mentioned that it wasn’t all gonna be just fighting. He
mentioned it would be pretty goofy most of the time I think.

Just go in knowing it won’t be all battles and stuff.


I saw it on crundhyroll just wasn’t satisfying compared to other series I like the WTF moments and doesn’t have as good character development as the series that do focus on it not to mention the animation isn’t to my liking or the fight scenes

all in all it wasn’t boring and watched it all the way through to latest that was on crunchyroll


How can something not be goofy with Ruby in it? :slight_smile:


I watched the trailers as they came out as well. I wasn’t expecting a constant action flick, but definitely something much darker than what we’ve been given. I think my heart started to sink around the black trailer though, simply because the shift from the supernatural Van Hellsing air that was in the first two to the robotech and genericness of the second two.

Watching through it all so far, it’s ok, but just ok, nothing special.


The lore is actually quite dark and sad but most the characters have taken it surprisingly well. Try reading the texts for the songs they give some insight to the history of the people in the story.

Also i would say that they are surprisingly well seen in the light that they haven’t done this before and that they don’t work with the biggest budget.


The only person who I actually believe is dealing with their backstory at all is Weiss, simply because you can see the internal conflict.

Blake comes close, but I don’t buy for one second that Yang and Ruby went through so much tragedy and are still so bubbly happy as they are. Maybe it’s because FMA spoiled me as far as balancing a character’s quirkyness with them behaving like real humans, but I’m just not buying into the tragedy of Ruby and Yang, especially Yang. I’m not expecting depression cases out of them, just some better balancing between what’s happened to them and how they react to the world, similar to Weiss (probably the best-built character in the series).


Yang almost got the 2 of them killed while searching for her dead mother, Turns out they are only half sisters. Ruby was asleep for the entire thing of course.


yea I didn’t realize they had a backstory till they revealed it Blake and Weiss you could tell in their characteristics though

to be fair ruby is excusible because of what @newf said and how badly she wants to be a huntress


Yes, but that was entirely exposition, which is fine as long as you can correlate the character back to that bit of exposition, which I can’t.


Also how could you not be all bubbly when you have a giant scythe gun!!!


I don’t know, watch her trailer. She’s pretty dang serious when she’s chopping all of those wolves into tiny pieces. We only get a small smirk whenever she starts to cut one of them in half.

I’m not saying she shouldn’t be bubbly, but I see no relation to her background to how she behaves.


they didn’t do much with Yang or Ruby characteristics they fall short but the reason why people like Ruby is because they like Bubbly characters it falls short on story character though Yang is that older sister that doesn’t want her sister to necessarily cling to her but still doesn’t want to leave her side rather normal characteristic and has nothing to make her own characteristic


Weiss is nice and follows her back story a lot more than the other because to her it was a thing that followed her up until now. Blake doesn’t show it as often, which is probably related to that she isn’t alone very often and her back story is something that could get her killed.

Ruby needs some work but to me it seems like Yang is more trying to be happy for the sake of her sister (Read the lyrics to Gold, no read the lyrics to all the songs as stuff makes more sense if you do that). Also i think Ruby is suppressing the memories when she can (Isn’t the human mind a wondrous thing?)

All in all the characters need some work but they have been improving throughout the series. And as this is their first time making a series i would give them at least to the end of season 3 before starting to judge it too much.


it shouldn’t only show in the lyrics that’s the problem

Yang and Ruby have not changed throughout the series -.-


Yes they have actually changed quite a bit watch the first 4 chapters and the last 4 chapters there is a change.

Actually you find quite a lot of popular manga/fiction/movies where you get a different understanding of the characters if you read/listens to the extra info you get from other places.

Take as an example Brandon Sandersons Cosmere series which is based on background lore. (He has taken it to a extreme but…

I personally like fiction where i can read/watch it once then Fx read the lyrics of the songs and then all of sudden get a new feeling from the characters. This gives it a new depth and makes it worth a lot of extra reads just to get a full understanding of what is happening.


Ruby has friends that’s going to obviously change her needy side obviously

Yang ummm yea Yang was like that to get ruby to get friends other than that they have not changed

so I’m sticking to the fact they they have not grown in character

and I mean change as in actually show their backstory in their character


RvB is a series, a pretty good series in fact, and Monty has been a pretty significant contributor to that series for quite a while now.

That’s…not great logic. At this point, they are basically at the level of Fairy Tail in my books. Either they start delivering some engaging character development, considering they’ve now had two whole seasons for character development (which should have been happening instead of what constitutes filler), or I’m out.