What are some of your favorite anime series?


I meant for the series in general :slight_smile:
Reading manga instead of watching the anime gives some interesting conversations from time to time. Fx betting a part of your soul to a friend about peoples reaction to a series…


Took a look at Sword Art Online, but sadly my main impression is like “lost potential”.
It’s a shame how they wasted the potential in this idea :-/
Some really nice moments and ideas in it, so I don’t regret the time looking at it, but in the end Log Horizon is my favourite…

Edit: Arghs… of course Log Horizon and not Lost Horizon ^^


yep yep

check out Beyond the Boundary


I really need to watch more of that… Just as soon as I finish Attack on Titan. :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: Just checked, only 9 episodes left.


[quote=“taklu, post:268, topic:2674”]
check out Beyond the Boundary[/quote]
Didn’t hear about that… maybe I will have a look at it.
Same theme like SAO/LH?

[quote=“zippy611, post:269, topic:2674”]
I really need to watch more of that…[/quote]
As a big fan of Akatsuki I just can say: the second season will be great :smiley:
Many self-doubts and monologues, but in the end, I love Log Horizon for it’s character development =)


no but it’s a really great story

There is a girl who is the last surviving member of a ‘certain clan’ and a ‘half-youmu’ boy who shouldn’t exist… This is their story.


I just saved it in my “take a look at”-list, so if I have the time, I will try it out.
But right now I just have to many running animes/series/mangas and too many I want to see first :-/
Just not enough hours in a day xD


here are all my anime i have seen, want to watch, watching, or going to finish later.


Seems like a useful side to keep track. I wonder why i never heard of it before. Also wow thats a lot :slight_smile:


I use taklu's Profile - MyAnimeList.net

haven’t updated it in awhile


I am watching the 2nd season of log horizon right now.


Getting there with LotGH - just the last 11 episodes to go. Then probably one of the Full Metal Alchemist series (either regular or the Brotherhood one).

Also got to see about the more recent Legend of Korra episodes (well, I say episodes, but I mean season 2+ :stuck_out_tongue: ), now that I think of it. I did rather like the original stuff with Aang, and Korra’s story was nice in season 1 (very different feel obviously though).


RWBY is quite fantastic… It is quite strange but it is seriously entertaining.


I don’t really like it, but quite a few of my friends do.

It’s not anime though


Ok. Yes it is not an anime but it would be totally ridicules to make another thread with other animated series’. :slight_smile:
(Legend of Korra isn’t anime eiter)

Also yeah it has its ups and downs but it grows better after the first few chapters (Or it could just be i am getting used to it)



wha?!?!? but… but I :heart: Korra! :smile:


Well it is a fantastic made cartoon but it is american made. (With a few koreans do some of the work if i remember correctly but no japanese)
This is just proof that other countries can make cool cartoons too :stuck_out_tongue:


Meh. I think of anime as the style of animation rather than “animation from Japan” or whatever, so I’d say it definitely qualifies as anime. It’s not like only Brits can do costume dramas, or only the French can do pretentious art house movies after all :stuck_out_tongue: .


I actually agree with this but i can also see the point of @Obsoletepotato.
As that actually is the definition of anime, but i am fully ready to classify quite a lot of cartoons as “Anime like” because there is loads of great cartoons which are very similar to the japanese cartoon style anime and it would be sad to miss out on them just because they are not made the right place :slight_smile:


For the proper definition, I’m going to go with the opening paragraph of Wikipedia, which can be summed up as “uh, maybe?” :stuck_out_tongue: .

Indeed :slight_smile: .