What are some of your favorite anime series?

Oh, it was mostly little moments of stupidity, but the one and only one would be a really:

Shirley moment Hey, this woman I see for the first time says the person I love is a terrorist. Better follow her, then go to a battlefield and after there were massiv explosions everywhere and something with the impact of some big fat nuke, let's go even further an the battlefield, take a pistol, nearly kill (but don't be sure to kill) another person and then go and try "double-suicide" with the person I love... I mean, I'm really in with the result, the inner pain of Zero, the fact that he realizes his feelings, etc pp. But these actions are totally against the character, Shirley was introduced with...

To the end. Yeah, let’s see when I’m going to look it. I have the bad habit to stop looking one anime, if it gets to a boring point or I just don’t have the mood to look any further and right now I have 20 (4 airing right now) animes (and some second/thried seasons to go) at the same time open. So after my exams I will try to end some of them before starting something new… ^^

About Death Note Second Half I really understand why they can't end the anime like this and I'm really okay with the ending itself. My problem is, that for this ending Kira had to make some really stupid mistakes although he showed in the first half, that he never would do such stupid things. It's the old "god power" problem... ^^

By the way: How do you make these cool spoiler-effect? It works even with FF, so that might be the better spoiler in here :smiley:

I just use (minus the . ) and you get the blurred spoilers.

In regards to the second half, I don’t know. I think it would have been just fine ending it where I mentioned, or if they couldn’t then actually ending it decently. The entire Milo and Near arc was just one giant “was this really necessary?” to me, on top of the point that you mentioned about Kira’s mistake.

Second season some episodes where animated in japan :smiley:

You learn something new every day it seems :slight_smile:

[quote=“Andrew91, post:453, topic:2674”]
The entire Milo and Near arc was just one giant “was this really necessary?” to me[/quote]
To me, I get why the arc is there. You can’t just let the “hero” get away with the murders, so he has to be defeated at some point. But loosing against L would mean, that he was the loser for the hole anime. So he has to be victorius, right before he falls…

Anyway, new finished Anime and it’s Ben-To. It’s an anime about people fighting in supermarkets to get half-priced food. And while it just sounds crazy, it really is a great anime. Really enjoyed the time, the animation and the feel good atmosphere. Of course, 12 episodes aren’t enough for a deep story, but after all, it’s great comedy =)


just to make sure people dont look and a say “half-prized foot? they fight for half a foot in a supermarket?”

Haha, that would be terrible :smiley:
And yeah, it’s sad how fast you forgot your vocabulary if it’s not your native language… :cry:

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I’m old school, So Magic Scroll. is one of my tops, then probably any Dragonball. currently I’m loving Fairy Tail.

Ben-to <3 your going to make me rewatch it

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Just finished Death Note and thoroughly enjoyed it, though I did wish it was longer then 37 episodes…

Just finished Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Why the didn’t make a second season detailing the adventures through foreign lands, I will never know.

I must agree with you, I need to know… through moving pictures!!!

Meh, I didn’t really need to, seeing as I was attached already to the people of Amestris (spelling), unless they unleashed more godlike storytelling and character development, I wouldn’t really care about another nation as I did Amestris.

Xing people seemed pretty cool, I mean Ling was my favourite character after all.
They probably didn’t create it because well Ed didn’t have alchemy, and Alphonse got his body back, which was the whole point of the journey they originally started. right?

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Pretty much. You have the tying up of all of the loose strings and everything is coming to a conclusion. Extending that even into another few episodes would only ruin the otherwise great ending we received.

People recommend me some animes, I need stuff to watch whilst I wait for Arrow tomorrow :smile:

Code Geass or Soul Eater if you haven’t watched either. If you have, then…someone else’ll have to recommend. Most of my stuff I watch is pretty much the top layer of what everyone watches getting into anime. :smile:

dont forget the flash :smile:

Watched that today :smile: Flash comes day before arrow :smile:

Basically, everybody concurs with you on that one (by and by, I can’t pick. I adore them both for what they are). I think ordinary FMA is a pleasant segway into Brotherhood, which is the reason I regularly prescribe it first. That is the way I got my better half to begin viewing.

I have Read Gakkou Gurashi Latest Manga - Mangazuki. This is my favourite manga.