What are some of your favorite anime series?

it’s about a boy with no social life (exempt his imaginary friend Deus Ex Machina who the god of time and space) who writes a diary about everything that happens around him suddenly his mobile begins to write things down before he writes it himself. and he gets thrown into a game about life and death started by Deus Ex Machina about killing all other people with the same type of phone (thats 12 people) the winner gets to be god/Deus Ex Machina

The creepiest part i won’t tell you :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m,currently watching:
Log Horizon, Nagi no Asukara, Nourin, Strike the Blood, and Tonari no Seki-kun
(all of which are ongoing)

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Also we should compile a list of the best animes.

So which one should I start with? Also can I have a link to it?

[quote=“zippy611, post:1, topic:8191”]
a list of the best animes.[/quote]
THIS will bring war to the discourse :slight_smile:

[quote=“Nicedude80, post:2, topic:8191”]
So which one should I start with?[/quote]
The better question - Which themes and genres do you like? :wink:

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Hopefully just between everyone from the mapgame thread that I brought with me…

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Oooo, that’d be fun, More War! :smile:

best in my book

R.O.D. (read or die)
Log Horizon
Beyond the boundary
kokoro connect
shin sekai yori (from the new world)
tsubasa chronicles

and many more that I can’t decide to put in list or keep them out to keep it small

I really need to make a list for top animes of each genre anime

best official source for anime on the net hands down

Not to violent, but funny.

Trigun, that’s a good one. Funny and a little action. Warning little drama a bit farther in.

Trigun - Episode 1 - DVD [Remastered] - English Dub - YouTube (Just test to see If you like it.)

Damned. All the funny ones I know are bloody violent :smiley:

Time to get addicted to Log Horizon…

Trigun is pretty cool. Still say that Full Metal Alchemist is what you want to start out with. Both versions have a great story, some pretty cool action, and decent humor.

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[quote=“zippy611, post:10, topic:8191, full:true”]
Time to get addicted to Log Horizon…[/quote]
And with the second season running right now, it’s a good time to feed this addiction :smiley:

FMA: Brotherhood is better in my opinion. But meh, maybe just me.

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I’m pretty sure that’s a hands down statement

Well it is kinda the remastered version in the beginning anyway…


You had to know it was coming, didn’t you.

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Pretty much everyone agrees with you on that one (personally, I can’t choose. I love them both for what they are). I think regular FMA is a nice segway into Brotherhood, which is why I normally recommend it first. That’s how I got my girlfriend to start watching. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll watch that tomorrow, tonight all I have time for is one episode of log horizon.

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