What Alpha stage will PvP be implemented?! Because

I want to kill things

That right there is brilliant… but as for which Alpha stage… I wouldn’t be sure. It’ll probably be a little bit of time, because they need multiplayer working before then, right?

@SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747 might be able to supply a better answer… :wink:

My guess It won’t be. You have to understand that may be the last thing they will work on. The Alpha version of any game is not stable enough for online play. Maybe in the beta version we will have online PvP. So, till then just be patient.

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both valid answers… and the truth is, we just dont know when PvP will be implemented, other than the objective is to have all stretch goals available by the Sep 2014 public release…

until then, let’s just enjoy the ride, and see what new bells and whistles are introduced with each new build! :+1: