Welcome to New Anglia

Been a little while, but I thought I’d let you all know I’m not dead :stuck_out_tongue: .

Oh yeah, I have some pictures to share as well…

First off, the bustling town of New Anglia:

Here’s where the engineers do their work:

Inside the church:

And the outside of the church (don’t worry, the tombstones are just for show - honest!):

Close-up of the giant redcoat statues. Some of the oldbies here might recognise them:

And a final overview of the town:

I’ve tried to give the impression of a town that’s a lot larger than the actual number of buildings in it (although obviously there’s still dozens of buildings), but I’ve also consciously tried to avoid making it look too well laid out - I imagine New Anglia developing in a basically unplanned manner (look at London as an example of this), unlike the highly organised grids of the US or the bulldozing required for Haussmann’s renovations of Paris.

As seen in the top-right, yes there’s been plenty of cheating clever use of game mechanics to get this build made, but in my defence I don’t have that much time on my hands :wink: .


He lives! Welcome back to the discourse, good sir. Lovely town you’ve got there. I especially enjoy the large redcoat statues.

Well done.


That is so cool how the building are so close giving us that feeling of a busy town (and holy cow, 50 hearthlings??)

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I wonder how many hearthlings you would need to fully populate that town?
A couple hundred? :smiley:


Not dead!!! whooo! awesome build, it is huge.


Lovely Build you have going on there!

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Good to see you back. :wink:

And very nice work on that town.


May as well post this here, although it’s nothing to do with New Anglia…

It’s big. It’s beautiful. It’s the wall…



We’re gonna build a wall, and make the goblins pay for it!


They have demanded tons of resources from me in the past, they should be able to set up the Great Wall twice. So yes, we make them pay for it!
What did you just say? Mountain disagrees? Ok, we will find another solution. Maybe a “wall tax” for the brave settlers or something… nevermind. My regards to Mountain. Farewell…