Weather Influencing AI

It has already been mentioned (in the lastest DT) that weather can effect health and move speed of hearthlings and livestock, and even crop growth. But I think it would also be useful and immersive to allow hearthings and Livestock AI to detect certain weather states and change task priorities based on it. For some examples:

  • hearthlings or livestock should typically avoid being outside during harsh weather, so as to prevent getting injured (as opposed to relying on banners or the player manipulating tasks.)
  • hearthling or livestock heading inside shelter or towards fire, to warmup when they get so cold (FYI, you can currently build inside zones for livestock; aka barns and cops)
  • a personality trait that favors running around in rain
  • hearthlings can interact by throwing snowballs at each other

I would even like to see it go so far as changing hearthlings’ job priorities – although a neat way to do this would actually be to give a temporary buff or debuff to the diligence sub-stat under Mind depending on whether the hearthling is keeping dry and warm or getting wet/cold. Think of it this way: hearthlings with outdoorsy jobs (hauling, farming) would be less inclined to go outside and so less inclined to work; but hearthlings who stay cosy indoors would be a little happier, and more likely to tackle longer/more complex tasks since they have the whole rainy day to work on it. If there’s a debuff to diligence for working in the rain/snow, though, I think it’s only fair that there’s a buff to either creativity or spirit or something for working in a cosy building on a rainy/snowy day.

This would mean that on rainy days, farmers and workers who go out in the rain/snow would work normally at first, but after a while they’d spend more time congregating together to keep dry, and chatting while they do so. Meanwhile, crafters like the weaver, cook and herbalist would (as long as they were well-stocked at least) be busy and productive; although if they had to keep going out into the rain/snow for supplies they’d soon tire of it as well.

It would be a subtle effect, but would add a nice sense of realism/immersion and liveliness; and it would reward players who build a well-organised town.


Didn’t realize I wanted this till you said it.


Aye, though it’s a shame you can’t put livestock zones down if there already is something built. Kinda irrelevant, but that’s something to be looked into.

Did you mean snowcubes?

Oh, and some I’d like to add!

  • Carpenters and weavers should work together to craft umbrellas!

  • Puddles! We need puddles when it rains! (And then hearthlings with the rain-loving trait would jump into them.)

  • How about creatures (hostile or friendly) that only come out in certain weather? Like ice wraiths when it snows and sand demons during sandstorms. And don’t forget the legendary rain thingy!

  • Perhaps the weaver-crafted winter coats could be finally of use? So when the temperature drops, hearthlings would fetch one of those to battle the cold.

  • Herbalists could craft heat/cold resistance potions.

  • Rainbows and unicorns. Seriously, Team Radiant, we need those!

  • Blacksmiths (or engineers?) should be able to craft lightning rods to avoid hearthlings and livestock being struck.

  • Water to freeze during cold? This one might be a bit more tricky to add, but I’ll just leave it here nevertheless.


I get this image in my head where sandstorms are caused by sand demons having a moshpit, running around like crazy. If you look closely at the base of the sand cloud you can make out some of the once closest to the edge.

Connect them to some sort of battery (I’m thinking glass urn where you see the lightning crackle inside of it) and you have an interesting new resource. It could be the power source of golems, robots or some other machine. Or use it as ammunition in a turret.

I think it was mentioned in a stream not long ago that at some point one of the engineers on the team had more or less shouted desperately to not ask them to put ice on water.


Oh boy, what have I done… what have I done!?

(I am so sorry engineer person, whoever you are)


For the historiacal time we are talking about, I doubt it’s controllable enough to be used as an electricity resource. Now if you are talking about charged rods; metal rods that store the (very variable) charge of one lightning bolt, then it could become an interesting resource. You keep them in insulated containers (made rom rubber which the herbalist harvests from trees), and once you need it, you take them out and let them touch something, at which point they immediately discharge the entire bolt.

Could be useful to kickstart golems, but not to keep them going (since you get only one discharge)
could be useful in arrows.(although that would be some fancy quiver, the engineer is going to have to think about that a little.)
also bombs and traps


Engineer definitely.

I must have missed that. Any details on why?

Batteries go all the way back to somewhere around 150 BC. We don’t know what they were used for, but they could produce up to 2 volts; Baghdad Battery if you’re wondering what I’m talking about.

That said, our engineer currently is slightly out of his timezone already, as his devices would be comparable to the works of Da Vinci when you take into account the rest of the devices used. Making “Lighting in a Bottle” real I could see. Mix that with some magic and I don’t see why we could have The Heart of a Golem for the Geomancer or such.

Electric arrows for the archers. Electric swords for the others.


This could also be a step toward making the engineer more useful in mid-late game.


I was going for more of a fantasy approach to lightning and electricity. It could even be that the lightning is actually cute but dangerous lightning elementals.
My first thought was of Stardust (the movie, don’t remember if it was in the book) where they fly through thunderclouds and gather lightning. The hero then gets a tube containing lightning and when he removes the lid a lightning bolt shoots out (if I remember it correctly).
In a fantasy setting it shouldn’t be too hard to make a battery out of it and if it’s an elemental you might convince it to inhabit a golem.

Not that I remember. I think @sdee was streaming. It was around the release of the big water update. It might just have been that they just finished working on the water bugs that they were aiming to fix at that point and didn’t want to think about how much work it would take to make ice. I know they’ve said that the current way to make one voxel crates float is really bad and that larger objects would be a lot worse. I’m guessing ice that covers a lake is to be considered a lot larger. :slight_smile:


Personally, I think this is a little much. It may just be me as I’m not a huge fantasy fan, but I feel it takes things a little far when we start Disney-fi-ing everything and making everything alive. Reminds me of when @Kittyodoom was talking about making all the work benches look like they’re alive. Not that I’m against it, just would have to see how it’s implemented. Saying everything is an elemental isn’t the way in my opinion.


To be fair, my “crafting companions” was inspired by @Allie’s artwork in one of the streams, lol


I agree. Stonehearth shouldn’t be a super magical place, but I leave it to others to draw the line. Elementals was in the kickstarter though, so at least back then they weren’t considered too magical and although lightning isn’t one of the elements I don’t think it would be the first time that a game makes elementals out of it. And if they want lightning elementals in the game then I would definitely prefer them like this over having them as just another monster that attack your town.

One problem with this suggestion though is that it would be quite hard to make a cute humanoid or creature in a glass jar out of voxels. Making it look like lightning on top of that would be even harder.


Maybe the weaver making rain coats and hats?

With this update would be nice to have some sort of coverage for roads too.