Warrior and wolve running in cycle, chasing each other

I found one, sdee will actuall hate (or love :blush:)
I were attacked by a wolve, my super strong fighter immidealty react and chase the wolve. The wolve reaches my stockpile building (one with multible doors on lowground) and both running after each other in cycles, not reaching eachother.
This goes for 5-8 rounds, then an other hearthling was near the wolve, so the wolve changes his attack target.

Steps to reproduce:
see screenshot

  1. build a house with 2 doors
  2. wait till a wolve (or an other enemy with fast movement speed) arrive
  3. have damn lucky with timing the attack …

Expected Results:
Attacking enemys should not kitting in cylces. Changing attack order or stop movement is possible. The Results here can also depent on the emeny type. No easy answer to this Problem.

Actual Results:
Actually nothing really bad happens. But i think this can end in an endless loop.

I think this is also doable with manual control (move by the footman). If we have range combat soon, this can be used as a kind of glitch to damage enemies with range attack and dodge all possible meele damage.


fighter_runs_after_wolve.zip (6.6 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
0.14.0 latest (2860) x64
no mods in use


Sorry, but this.


Well, party order flags (attack, move & defend order flags) should help resolve the endless race of Wile Coyote and Roadrunner. But it still may need to be looked in to, yeah, though the circumstances seem like they’re one in a thousand hahah. :grin:

Only if the archers shoot while moving (which I wouldn’t think to be very likely at all). If they have to stand still while shooting (which is more likely), it wouldn’t be an issue at all, since the archer would stop and the (in this case) wolf would catch up and attack.

The possible senario is this: One or more are shooting from behind. One tank warrior runs around like crazy, kitting all the enemys behind, while all range combat units are shooting.
I think it can be used to glitch the combat. Its more ore less a report from something I see in the game.