Walls inside Buildings

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as you are working on the new building ui, whats about walls inside the building to really separate rooms from each other?

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They have already planned that to do in a future update according to the trello page. :wink:

here is the page if you want to look: Trello

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For now you can fake it with slabs, as our esteemed builder @micheal_handy76_mh has done.


thats also possible when you make a room with edges and then grow walls - after growing you can use the normal walltool to make walls between the columns ^^ it was also possible in older versions :wink:

BUT: its only possible on the first floor and only if the space between the walls are not to big ^^

here some pics:


just for info: with this i have made my first template of the guild house ^^

@derBhaal this could also be an interesting for you :wink: