Wall loops Guidelines

Hello!! after playing alittle bit with the new, great and awesome alpha r34, i’ve found that building wall loops it’s a bit tricky, because to make the walls look nice, i’ve to trust in my view to make it completly square or rectangular… task no easy for me as this pictures can proof :stuck_out_tongue:

the lenght of the walls it’s incorrect so the door won’t fit correctly xD

What’s doing that wooden post there?? Oops

so maybe some small guidelines to see where are the borders of the walls you’ve already placed can be a really helpful to build even and symetric houses without derps xD.

hope this helps!

BTW, can i upload images to the discourse?? or should i place the images in an external place like imgur and then link them from there??

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seconded, on providing some “building hints” when laying out designs… i would love to see dimensions applied to the layouts we click-drag, so we can see something is X wide, Y tall, etc.

absolutely… and if i’m not mistaken, it looks like you did just that! :+1:

They have ‘Blueprint Mode’ planned I believe don’t they? Just not yet implemented?

I believe we saw that in some of the starter videos.

Yeah, it’s that kind of mode I think they want for all building, so it could be for wall loops. And quite frankly, the entire way that they’re designed just calls for guides to help you out, so I’m sure (with of course, only my opinion to base this on) they’re on their way. :slight_smile:

well, waaaay back in the day… like, in 2012, we had an early build demonstration… in that video we saw the preview mode (the exact name escapes me) that showed the world in a different view, and blueprinted items as they would look once complete…

that idea was nixed though… unless you guys are referring to something else?

no, that was what I was refering to. Didn’t know that it was taken out. Do you know if they plan on replacing it with a different system?

I should probably be more speficific… the “preview your construction” piece was decided against (I believe), but I don’t know if the entire “preview mode” is out…