Visibility: 'Slicing' buildings, and tagging free block types

The GUI already contains a tool for removing Z layers from visibility for terrain, but this has no effect on your structures. Currently if I want to build a 2 or more story building, I either have to try to furnish it before construction begins, or restrict myself to small or narrow upper floor spaces so as to not block visibility.

I need to be able to slice my buildings. Just need an extra little button down there with the other 3.

Another thing I’d like to see, is the ability to tag the freestanding blocks I’m setting as walls, floors, or ceilings. Currently if I want to design a custom roof, I do so knowing that I will never see clearly below it the way I can with the generated ones. The same is true for low walls, freestanding pillars, pixel art walls, archways, awnings, or any other bells and whistles my imagination begs me to tack on.

More later, but BUMP this!



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