Videos for Youtube


I want to know if it´s possible to post the shown videos/streams from on youtube. So you can reach more people and get more backers :smile:

For example I can´t open because the doesn´t accept my German IP and i dont want to use proxys :blush:


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I think it would be a great idea as well. It would make it easier to share this project with others and I know prominent Youtubers would also appreciate it.

Its here in Germany also ^^ I have given the advise to contact Gronkh for a German special because he is the German Letsplay-Star of Minecraft :smiley: and I think the most of the German Minecraft community would love this game and back it.

That is really odd @Wiese2007… I can access without any issues.

See this is a good idea, though I think it would also be a good idea if the community also pitched in effort(not saying we don’t already) to get Stonehearth out there.
Example: I’m working on a Cinematic using community assets along with recreations of assets of the livestreams and game footage (Houses, towers, statues, etc.)

Would definitely like to see more community project aside from modules out there along with the livestream footage :smiley:

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i would imagine the streams will eventually end up on their channel… im surprised some fan hasnt already snatched/converted/uploaded to their own channel yet, to be honest… :wink:

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Since Radiant Entertainment has a YT Acc already … it would be a easy task to re-upload them to YT, would attract some new people i guess. So i second that.

@Wiese2007 its strange you cant access twitch from your IP, I’m from germany as well and can access twitch just fine.

Try to locate the error by visiting this page via name and IP maybe your DNS is broken somehow, try different browsers as well just to be save, you could have added twitch to blocked sites in Firefox for instance.

To give Stonehearth into the hands of known LP’s is a great idea, if not one of the best marketing instruments of our time. For example a company ( Daedalic Entertainment) named Daedalic Entertainment used Gronkh for marketing by giving him their games early to do LP’s and that did, said Daedalic, increase their fanbase a lot and therefore they sold quite a few extra copies. (for tree since LP’s normally don’t take any money, they are glad to get a good game to LP early and sometimes for free)

They were so pleased with his work, that they offered him a little role in the second installment of “Chaos on Deopnia”, as well as adding his LP’s to a special edition of Chaos on Deponia 1.

So it might be worth thinking about both ideas :slight_smile:

Could somebody put them on YouTube? Would be great… app is awful.

Soo now i can use ^^ I have contacted them for 1 week and give them my IP :wink: Now the blacklist likes me xD
@Bailung nice information :smiley: i know that he has played deponia but not the rest :smile: