Veed Studios - Animation Channel

Hello everyone, PAE here!
If you have seen me before, it is most likely from my Animations thread.
However, I am going to be creating a YouTube channel for animated shorts, and I will be incorporating PAE into it! :wink:
Here is the link:
YouTube (updated)
Please go check it out, as I will be uploading my first tutorial soon! (I will record it once I get a new mic! Probably Tomorrow )
Subscribing will very much help my goal to reach more audiences, ones past the discourse!

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So, this is the channel you were talking about in the Steam Group chat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, and my plans are: PAE Tutorials, Animated Shorts :smiley:

Because i’m getting a mic tomorrow, I have no videos to produce… so I modeled myself!

Say “HI” to Veed!

But in all seriousness tomorrow I will post my first tutorial, unless something goes wrong! :wink:

I shall take a look at your channel

Well, the video is uploading, but then I need to edit it! So expect around noon tomorrow. I shall update you later!

Got the video up! Check it out!

5 Subs! WooHoo! I’m something special!
In all seriousness, thank you to everyone who has subscribed!

New video up! Check out my channel