Using Pots as Food Storage - Not refilling after hitting limit

Summary: I have no idea if it’s caused by the pot hitting its limit of food, but all I know is it’s very annoying. Food doesn’t get put back into a pot if it hit its limit.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a 16/32/64 inventory
  2. make it so only one type of item goes in (preferably something you have a lot of)
  3. Once full, craft or use something in the pot, and behold! The pot doesn’t get refilled.

Expected Results: Pots need to keep getting items even after the items have been taken out.

Actual Results: Pots become empty because they hit their cap, and have to manually toggle what goes in them again for them to be filled.



After double clicking the food/drink check box

Version Number and Mods in use: 2860

System Information: W10 Steam

I had been suspecting this with crates too. A current work around is to change the storage to none, then once they remove one, put the type of storage you want back.


Yep, can confirm in latest dev. Effects both crates and vases.


@jomaxro, was this resolved in the latest dev too, or not?

Not that I saw, and it was not one of the fixes Yang mentioned to me…


So…I’m still getting this bug…but in a really weird way. It seems that they’re picking and choosing which crates to have problems with. (9.0 MB)