Untouched land - a story of stranded hearthlings

These are a pack of bearded Vikings. The got separated from their flagship during a raid and don’t have any idea where they are.

First they were like “we have to get out of here as soon as possible!” but then they realized that this was a very fertile and spacious land and so they decided to stay for a little longer. While others started to unpack the ship, some began to build a camp, cut some trees and plow some land for farming.

First they didn’t need a leader because there was no dangers on the horizon but when the first goblins aroused one of the hearthlings named Karl Stöderholm, maybe not the brightest of hearthlings but the one with courage, decided to take the lead and defend the little camp and so he became the first Big Boss of the fortress…


Lookin great so far! Can’t wait for how this story of mis-clothed members of the northsmen’ alliance turns out!

hey there @Majis,

i just changed this to fan media rather then gameplay as it seems to be more of a story then actual gameplay, if you think otherwise then feel free to change it back :smile:

onto the story itself, im liking how you did this, cant wait to see more!