UnReal World (This is here because it needs to be)

I know it looks weird and the controls are odd but do it, it’s free and it is absolutely amazing!
Playability endless, iron age finland. Plus its kind of, kind of like dwarf fortress adventure mode.
Sorry for being out for awhile changed internet providers and it all went to… and then ! started learning to code!
Link; http://www.unrealworld.fi/

It doesn’t really look like my cup of tea, but thanks for the link :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll check it again later

I love Unreal world, but it’s unrelentingly unforgiving. Getting cocky and sure of yourself is the surest way to die. I live on smoked fish and give thanks to the gods for their blessings of more fish and am proud of it.


I love this game.

And the music when you die is awesome! lol

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well, yea I think I know it off by heart… i get a little bit full of my characters and forget how gruesome the damage can be…