Unofficial Model- and Template-Files for Qubicle

If this was an option I would never be outside of Qubicle. There are a lot of issues with having a game made in a certain style and having more than a few people working on assets. I would help if I was asked but I think the pace of production of the game is good, why rush it when taking their time can make the models and the game that much better?

@Rybilton Not sure if I get it right. However, the models you see here are mostly copies of art which was created by Tom and shared with us either per screenshot or in the different live-streams. I fear that Tom is still playing in another league than most of us here in regards of creating Voxel-Art. So i don’t think we could provide too much help at this point in time… :disappointed:.

P.S. Updated the list with the new farmer model, thx @Pandemic for sharing.


Would It be possible for someone to make the OBJs for these models? I wanted to go ahead and animate these characters for an idea of mine.

I may start doing this soon, depends on if there is a strong enough support to the idea

Please think twice about that. The business model of Qubicle is that if you like it you buy the home or master edition which allows you to export into the .obj-format. Providing a single model to a friend so he can play around with it should not be a big deal, but offering this as a “service”…

@Vince5754 If you want to play around and get used to animations, etc. feel free to take a look into this thread. You will find also some .obj-files there which you can download to get started.


I made a Rabbit Man! Honorable Mentions: @Smokestacks & @Valiance


EDIT: Last Bunny has some errors, body was 1 taller than it was supposed to be.

EDIT 2: Last Pack had color errors.

Rabbit Pack.qmo (83.8 KB)

Contains Dark and Brown colors of fur, corrected colored armor, colored weapons

(Might adjust again with female model but unlikely due to the odds being that the female would’ve had changes since livestream.)


I made a beserker, with a wolf hood, sorry for the late reply, you could take a look at that if you want, but i would have to send it to you, because i dont have the full version of qubicle and pictures dont do it credit

You could always render it as a turntable, so you get the full 360 degree view of it! :slight_smile:

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but i cant export it… :frowning:

Why not? It’s a feature in all versions, including the free one…:confounded:

Oh, okay thanks ill try it

okay it dosent work… am i missing something??

Hmmm…have you at any point seen @voxel_pirate’s tutorials on Youtube?

Can you explain in detail what you are doing and where you are getting stucked? Not sure which of the two videos, but in one of them (see playlist below) you can find a short overview on how to render Turntables, just as Smokestacks mentioned:


If i attempt to render anything i get this message: render resolution exceeds viewpoint resolution change the render resolution settings with the render settings dialogue, sorry dont have time to watch the videos now, will do so soon

edit: and i can export coz i have the free version

On the upper part of your screen you see the menu, the icon list, a tool-bar and below that another line with additional icons… starting with “Scale”, “Ground”, “Wire”, etc.

Click and activate the button called “Res. Gate”. This will give you a frame which shows what will be rendered. This frame has a comment on top of it. In your case it shoud say something like “… Render disabled (Render Resolution exceeds Viewport Resolution).” The text also suggests how to solve the issue.

Open the Render Settings “Render >> Render Settings” and reduce the resolution there.

With the free version you cannot export to 3rd party file-formats, true. That’s why it is a free version.

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THANKYOU!! it worked, im sure you will be seeing some of my models now!!

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I want to see this…

Soon, my friend, soon…

Do we actually know if our modellers got it right?? Did we get the correct size??
Where we accurate??