Unofficial Model- and Template-Files for Qubicle

@Newf if you still looking for the wolf model I started replicating it today

I did a scan and did not see any one updating the wolf model so here is the most current wolf model: wolf_temp.qmo(25.4 KB)


wow, nicely done @LunarWolf! :+1:

now, crank out the version with the fearsome jaw, and you earn 2 more internet points… :smile:

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But but…you coloured things, how did you do that? There must be something key that I missed out doing, because Qubicle says that it can’t be the correct hue and the correct amount of red, green and blue. :crying_cat_face:

I tried messing around with the light settings, but they didn’t seem to alter anything in the Colour Picker, colours still had the same set of values.

@Smokestacks … ok, hold on. You mean that you have just the standard colors available in Qubicle and you are not able to add new ones? If yes, take a look into this video starting 6:15. If not, you need to explain me once more what the issue is… sorry :disappointed:.

@LunarWolf Welcome and thanks a lot! If you don’t mind… I have added you to the iniital post as a contributor.

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Actually this video was the one I wanted, from 15:15 you describe the process of copying colours identically, using Paint as a way to directly sample the colours and then taking the values it provides and putting them in the Qubicle Colour Picker. But the problem for me is that those values simply don’t translate. I have a colour that is R200 G160 B53 H29 in Paint but in Qubicle it won’t allow me to input those values, as whenever I get the RGB right and try to change the hue, it changes the green and blue values. So I can’t do the colour translation between Paint and Qubicle.

And of course, I now realise that I don’t need to mess with Hue, Saturation or Lum(ination?), Qubicle and Paint just gives them different values for odd reasons. The only thing I need is the right RGB value and I’ve checked and that works. /noobmodeoff

Thanks for the help though :smile:

Edit: With noobishness turned off, the model was coloured and here we are: Tier 0 Bed.qmo(3.9 KB)


Closest thing is picking the lightest color in the paintpicture. Not a shadowed one. But I think you figured that out already. Nice bed.

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Fortunately although I asked my question about where to sample colours from afterwards, this had been coloured entirely off a screenshot of a birds-eye view so they should all be fine. Currently working on icon versions of things, as I’m not sure if anyone has yet done any icon versions :smile:

@LunarWolf, you sir, earned these… spend them well!

{ 2 Official Internet Points }


Thanks for sharing @Smokestacks… and finally also welcome in the inner circle :wink:.


As the cyclops is no longer in my mod I decided to create the one from the actual game so here he is, someone might have a use for him.

Cyclops.qmo(13.5 KB)


great model :beetle:

Made up a Female Farmer yesterday

Villager - Female Farmer.qmo(15.3 KB)


You know with the qualities of these models why doesn’t some one suggest to you know…help out the radiant team by putting forth the models for free

The payment being the game gets done earlier?


No? Anyone?
Well it was a long shot…I guess I’ll just uhh…go sit in the corner of the forums over here

interesting idea, but… :smile:

a) i dont think Team Radiant is in dire need of voxel aid, and

b) the models are already “free”… effectively…

c) this week’s desktop tuesday is out, so… time to read! :blush:

If this was an option I would never be outside of Qubicle. There are a lot of issues with having a game made in a certain style and having more than a few people working on assets. I would help if I was asked but I think the pace of production of the game is good, why rush it when taking their time can make the models and the game that much better?

@Rybilton Not sure if I get it right. However, the models you see here are mostly copies of art which was created by Tom and shared with us either per screenshot or in the different live-streams. I fear that Tom is still playing in another league than most of us here in regards of creating Voxel-Art. So i don’t think we could provide too much help at this point in time… :disappointed:.

P.S. Updated the list with the new farmer model, thx @Pandemic for sharing.


Would It be possible for someone to make the OBJs for these models? I wanted to go ahead and animate these characters for an idea of mine.

I may start doing this soon, depends on if there is a strong enough support to the idea

Please think twice about that. The business model of Qubicle is that if you like it you buy the home or master edition which allows you to export into the .obj-format. Providing a single model to a friend so he can play around with it should not be a big deal, but offering this as a “service”…

@Vince5754 If you want to play around and get used to animations, etc. feel free to take a look into this thread. You will find also some .obj-files there which you can download to get started.