Unofficial Model- and Template-Files for Qubicle

thx dude! your amazing!

I moved a post to an existing topic: Voxel Pirate´s Qubicle Creations

I moved 8 posts to an existing topic: Voxel Pirate´s Qubicle Creations

Geeze where did this topic come from? And how did I not find it until now? Amazing job everyone! Quick question though, does anyone offhand know the scale ratio for the buildings in qubicle and how they scale up in game?

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@Avairian I think it is 10:1, i.e. ten Voxels of a worker might be equal to 1 Voxel of a building.

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Today I bring you the new designs for the Carpenter and Blacksmith!

Villager - Blacksmith.qmo(15.4 KB)
Villager - Carpenter.qmo(15.3 KB)

these are as accurate as possible, colors used.


two more fantastic additions… @Tom will be equal parts pleased and perplexed… :smile:

More Crafters. This time it’s the Weavers:

Villager- Weaver.qmo(15.5 KB)
Villager- Female Weaver.qmo(13.4 KB)



Thanks! As you have already uploaded them so nicely, I have just linked your posts this time :wink:.

Update: Just finished a short tutorial for Qubicle in German (which might not be interesting for a lot of people), where I have been creating the skeleton version of the standard worker (which might be more interesting for most of the people :wink:).

The model can be found upstairs, in the overview.


That is just disturbing and amazing at the same time. o_O


Let me highlight, that it is not based on my idea :wink:. Tom showed the right guy in one of the older live streams… he was playing around a bit. But in a weird way, I like it :smile:.


no… own this @voxel_pirate… own it well…

parroting @Agon, i’m both disturbed, and impressed… :smile:

Im just wondering why a human skeleton looks completely different to the skeletons that will try to kill me

@Newf It seems like this was designed while Tom was in his try and error phase, working on designing the details of the future look. Sometimes it helps to do something completely different and to see where it goes.

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Because these guys are good! They’re just a bit malformed, perhaps they took the worst of it when the acid plant exploded. The skeleton mobs are skeletons of I haven’t a clue something else.

I bet its those evil elves

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Do dogs and elves not get along very well?

They claim to be animal lovers but really they just get high on animal reserves and throw rocks and stuff at us

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As requested by @Roughshod I have added a cow-model (self-made)… feel free to (ab)use it :wink:.


Had the opportunity to update some of my models. They are available in my post above.

Link to post