Undead and Orcs fighting each other on top of a mountain!

When I expanded my little oasis into an outpost and started mining the top of a nearby mountain then attacks started coming from on high. After a while an orc camp showed up right as a defiled church was built… right by one another. They started into a pretty big brawl up on the mountain top!

Here’s the save game if you’re interested!

Also it’s a pretty good little outpost. 33 Hearthlings and running as well as I’d expect. Building up a new, interesting town square with a tall tower. Great place to put down all of the nice things the little Hearthlings are crafting!

1518785358733_Undead_and_Orcs_Fighting_on_Mt_Top.7z (7.8 MB)


OMG…so of course I jump in the fight with my two squads. It’s going OK… but then some trolls and kobolds flank in !!! Crazy fight…


Really hope it’s a feature! It’s actually very interesting to see the other NPC factions going at it. Can even be a strategy. Several times on different games I waited for goblins and orcs to attack the undead before I roll in and mop them both up.

Hope that helps. :merry:

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Cool! Thx for the info

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It’s something I’ve noticed and definitely enjoyed watching. It’s fun to see them go at it and then you can pick off the victor.

Although I did find out the hard way that your hearthlings always seem to take priority on their aggro tables. If a goblin has the choice of swinging at your footman or a skeleton, they’ll go for your hearthling.

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