Unable to place roof on top of single story building

Never mind I figured it out. I had siice on so the roof green box guide would show on the floor. Turn off slice and it worked fine on top of the wall.

Creating a small building with the new builder and when I tried to place the roof it wouldn’t show the green block on top of the wall only on the floor.
Steps to reproduce:
Using the new builder

  1. create a room
  2. use roof tool to place on top of the room

Expected Results:
A roof on top of the building

Actual Results:
Roof green box guide will not show up on top of the wall.

I tried this with different building materials for room and roof

Version Number and Mods in use:
024.0 release 834 x64 build
Mods enabled
rayyas_childeren, debugtools, betterstorage

System Information:
Win 10 64bit
CPU AMD fx 8320

Just wanted to add that this was on a new game instance. Also, when I went to the main menu then back to the game I was able to finish the template and save it.