Unable to new game+ with old crew

I recently did a pretty long run compared to my old ones (new player) and managed to reach the point where you are invited to select 3 earthlings and 10 items to send them to another town. However the game instantly gives a motor crash after placing the campfire. I notice that it only gives me 4 earthlings at the start end that an null pointer is found in the error, maybe it is that as the 5th one doesn’t exist it crashes ? After getting this error you’re proposed to place another flag, again, and again…

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a new game+
  2. Select one of your saved crews
  3. generate the map and spawn in
  4. place the campfire
  5. Error is here !

mods used this time : French traduction & Miner profession
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Did your mod configuration change between that save and this one? And can you please upload the re-embarkation file for us to check? It’s in the game folder under saved_objects/stonehearth/reembarkation.

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The mod configuration did not change, the only time it changed was mid first game but way before the reembarkation and eveything else

here is the link to the json : 0dd9e2ae-3581-409f-b625-e6639ad1fe23

That looks like a bug with the Miner profession mod. FYI @Moai. We use the "model_variant" property to represent gender on hearthlings, and that mod sets it to "light_on", which confuses the game.

Here’s a version of that JSON that should work in the meantime:

Yeah, I saw that gender is determined solely by model variant. Although normally, I thought that the hearthling loads first, then remembers its gender, then it loads the miner model variant onto itself – which should’ve preserved the gender. @max99x, what is the situation that led to this bug happening, so I can code around it?

The symptom is that if you save a re-embark crew with a miner, their model variant is written as light_on, rather than empty/male/female, and when that is loaded during citizen (re)generation, it fails. As for what led to this - you’re probably better equipped to find that out. Something in the Miner mod code changes the hearthling’s model_variant, but model_variant should never change dynamically on hearthlings.

Oh, no, I definitely know what lead to it, when the miner levels up to get the headlamp, I change the armor model variant from miner or miner_female to miner_light_on or miner_female_light_on (or light_off if the light is off). I did not realize we weren’t supposed to change the model variant on the fly. It sounds like the right way to do this would be to separate the hat of the outfit into its own headgear, and then just switch the headgear entity rather than modifying the armor variant. That’ll take me a bit.

As a temporary workaround, @max99x you guys determine whether the hearthling is female by checking for the terminating _female substring, right? So it should work if I change my naming scheme from miner_female_light_on to miner_light_on_female, right?

e: nevermind, that made no sense. I’ll have to fix it the hard way.