Typo with RC's Iskender

Not really a bug; just a word missing from your first encounter w/ Iskender as RC:

"starting_food_donation": {
                  "donation_dialog_info": {
                     "dialog_nodes": {
                        "simple_message": {
                           "bulletin_message": {
                              "000": "Haha, there's nothing like the sight of a brand new outpost, eh? With your hard work, this desolate land will soon **be** a nexus of wealth and prosperity! We'll be back tomorrow with the whole store, but in the meantime, here's the starting stake your families sent along:",

it didn’t bold but it should read: “…this desolate land will soon be a nexus…”


haha, good catch! paging @yshan @sdee

Also noticed this when translating but jjjshab was quicker.

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Thanks for catching this! :smile: A fix will be in the next release.