Two Saves with Errors - Pathfinding Errors / Sprouts Vanishing / Beds not picked up

Hi all!

My first town after the “latest” update (dev builds) started to bug out. New flowers/bushes will not grow, they just vanish when getting to the 2nd phase. There are also pathfinding errors as well as the inability to pick up beds? Place down a plain yellow bed, tell the hearthlings to pick it up, it will remain there indefinitely. The only work-around for this has been to make an empty building, move all of the yellow beds into it, and then demolish the building. (8.9 MB)

After having all of the problems, I’ve made a second save file, which now will not go more than 30 seconds without spamming multiple Pathfinding errors. I can normally figure out where the holdup is, but since the save is new, there is nothing, that I can find, that will stop the spamming. (4.3 MB)

I’m not sure if I should delete everything and reinstall at this point.

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I have aslo encountered the “pick up straw bed” bug. But for me it is enough to move it to another location and change the orientation of the beds at the same time.

I hope this helps a little while they fix it.

Have fun, Kyth.

Thanks Kyth! I have tried that, a few times, and it didn’t seem to work

I loaded both of those saves in the latest version (which is not yet released, but should be close enough to the currently released 866 as far as these issues are concerned), and I was not able to reproduce any of these errors. I don’t get any error messages, pathfinding seems fine, deploying and undeploying beds appears to work correctly, and berry bushes grow to maturity successfully.

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