[Tutorial] How to add a custom, craftable item

Concerning perspective:
Try to make parallel lines (copy-paste is your friend). Similar to technical drawing. I hope this image explains it better. Red lines are all at the same angle, and blue lines idem (well, they are supposed to, I draw them after the black sketch :confused: ). Although you have to position correctly the several parts to look balanced.

(I posted this because I died seeing those chair legs x_x )


Very helpful, thanks! (My one highschool art class i took like 5 years ago has failed me) :smile:
The cube tool in Google Draw doesn’t give many editing options so I’ll have to go back and create them by hand. I only spent like 20mins messing around with the program for the first time and made this so I’m impressed. haha


You guys are definitely on the right track! :slight_smile: If you look at the stuff in the stockpile icons, you can see that everything is drawn from roughly that perspective too–top down, 2 pt perspective. Real 2-point perspective has the lines get closer to each other as they recede from the foreground, but for icons, this is probably too much detail.


Thank you voxel_pirate for making this tutorial, I just got my first crafted item working! (still trying to get the proxy working though flubed something somewhere…)

Would post pictures but still a newbie :slight_smile:


Nice to hear that this is of use… just trying to understand what is all required to implement a new profession. Maybe that will be the next “tutorial” :wink:.

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here we go!
The big tree is a banner replacement (Epic Norse embark with a Seed from Yggdrasil!) and the pillars are a carpenter new item entry.


I like the idea of a huge tree as some kind of indication of your starting position…

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I think you and @TobiasSabathius would get along nicely!

I’m loving the artwork on that rune pillar, simple yet still retains that Stonehearth vibe to it.

As for the big tree replacing the flag I would have to echo @voxel_pirate in that I’m a big fan.

Faction/ Race specific starting markers instead of a banner would be pretty awesome.


I like the idea of a large tree.

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I am finding that “stonehearth vibe” is a pain in the ass to do properly, took a lot of tweaking to get that big tree to look like it actually belonged in Stonehearth, currently kicking around a couple ideas for the runestones, trying to decide between a christmas tree and a more Stonehearthy square pillar, opinions? (I have not voxel shaded them yet).

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@grmachiavelli, these are AWESOME. Everyone-at-the-office-clusters-around-and-all-agrees-its-awesome, awesome. :slight_smile: The effort you’ve put into making the giant tree Stonehearth-appropriate voxel resolutions definitely shows. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thanks so much for sharing!

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first of all, welcome aboard! :smile:

second, this is some brilliant stuff, and right out of the gate too! :+1:

echoing other comments in that the artwork fits perfectly with the SH theme…

oh yes, this would be a wonderful touch… :+1:

edit: as for which pillar, thats difficult… they both look great, and both would fit right into the landscape… i suppose my initial reaction would be for the first option? adds a little more of a unique design?


Took quite a bit, but finally I think I am there (or at least close to). So here is a first screenshot with 2 professions (the second one was a bit hungry and thought some berries might be of help) :wink:.

P.S. Need to summarize what I have changed and make it a bit more understandable. Also I need to put a bit more effort to make the additional workshop functional. Once this is done, the second tutorial will follow.


nice, looking forward to the tutorial.

seconded! i really am thoroughly enjoying all the progress folks are making in cracking open the code and implementing their own ideas… this community never ceases to amaze… :smile:

Uff… that was a hard bit of work. But finally I have a custom profession up and running (so it is also crafting and logging the promotion). Once I have customized the look a bit, the tutorial will follow. The bad part is that if you want to setup a custom profession you will have to edit two Lua-files. I am pretty sure this will change soon… but that’s part of the game, no? :wink:


Which two? Let me know and I’ll see if there’s another way. I’m pretty sure I added weaver without adding anything to lua.

@sdee I need to add my custom profession to:

:one: “…\Stonehearth\mods\stonehearth\professions”

… where I have to add a folder with the name of the profession and the folder has to include a file named “profession.lua” with several references to components. If this file is missing, the profession is not working (Stonehearth stops after the promotion).

:two: “…\Stonehearth\mods\stonehearth\services\personality”

… where I need a similar entry to the existing ones for the weaver and carpenter, otherwise the log-entries are not generated / stored (if I see it right):


At least the second one should be rather easy to replace with some generic code for someone skilled as you are :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

P.S. You might have added the weaver without issues because both files / entries are already existing for the weaver in the actual release.

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Ah, I’d forgotten the .promote() functions. Your guess is right; Tom had added the weaver one a long time ago, before I actually added the weaver. Hm, well, at least this one has very little logic, and is mostly like a config file. I’ll see what we might be able to do to automate that. (No guarantees.)

The second one is absolutely going to change later. We still need to talk about it, but we’re probably going to make that load_activity function public, so it can be called from any mod’s lua file, or from a mod’s manifest.

Good reminders, thanks!


this is why we love indie/kickstarter games in general, and Team Radiant in particular… watching the game evolve, taking fan input along the way… very cool stuff folks… :+1:

and totally worth the tradeoff of being forced into contractual labor with @Geoffers747… only six more years to go! :calendar: