Tropico 5 Beta Sign Ups- Full release in Summer

Tropico 5, sequel to a much beloved franchise of mine is coming out this summer. Any interested parties can sign up for a beta test they will be running in March/April. Link below.

Remember kids, “All work and no play for Presidente”


thanks @Crobo! I haven’t played the series yet, but I’ve heard good things… may just try for the beta! :+1:

I’m signing up! :smile:

Discourse Wants To Eat More Words And My Soul

It has charm coming out of everywhere. Being a first generation American from Cuban parents the humor and satire in these games has me rolling on the floor sometimes. Wonderful Latin music adds to the atmosphere and the radio host “Penultimo” is a blast to listen to. If you’re into city builders you’ll love it.

Below are some videos on Tropico 5: (I didn’t make these videos and may or may not support the views held by those who did make the videos)

(Official Gameplay Trailer) Tropico 5 - First Gameplay Trailer - Eurogamer

(Reviewer who got to preview the Tropico 5) Tropico 5: Will they solve the Tropico problem? - VideoGamer

Looks awesome and really promising! I hope it doesn’t become another SimCity though…

I’ve signed up because I like those types of City-Management games like Sim City, but we all know how EA destroyed the franchise. Anyways, I decided I would chose this game because I wanted to see how it would go out.

Also, Stonehearth is a City-Management like game, with some RTS mixed in.

Online will be maxed to 4-player as stated on their info page. I believe this means it will be through a host instead of persistent which is what caused the Simcity fiasco. If the old games are to judge by the DRM will just be a key entry and that’s all. Tropico is made by a much smaller company than EA so they’re less likely to go the online only route as they’ll be nailed quickly for it and don’t have the funds for the servers.

I hope the DRM isn’t too bad.

I HATED Simcity 2013 because of the DRM and the Online Problems.

the game is geniusly made though :slight_smile: but the DRM is tiring and irritating as…

If anyone gets invited I will trade them my soul for it.

I’ve been waiting the entire month and nothing :frowning:

Usually they don’t pick people until it’s time for the set beta. They probably have a specific date in mind, so don’t lose hope.

It started at the beginning of March and people are playing it, I know that already. I just want it myself so when it comes out I am a bit ahead so I can start with videos right away

But Penultimo is ignoring me :frowning:

If anything the game is set to release in June. Current announcements from Kalypso have it in Q2 or “early summer”. Q2 is April, May, and June. Not a super long wait and just in time for when I finish classes :slight_smile:

Hola senoritas y senores. Tropico 5 will be released on May 23rd 2014. Sharpen up those rhetoric skills you’ll need to prepare your inauguration speeches my fellow companeros.

Made a video for the game :smiley: Hope its good


Excellent video, I’ve subscribed. :smile:

Awesome! Hope you’ll enjoy my stuff :smiley:

Tropico 5 seems to be quite good so I can’t wait to get it!

Same here I can’t wait to play either. Co-op/Vs seems like a very good idea for this franchise

God damnit. I thought I would get a free copy of the Beta.