Tridale (Religious Town)

This is Tridale. (Only one build fully done)

Home of the Church of Cid (Where the Clerics Live)

Church of Cid
Bottom Being Built.

Top Being Build and inner Court yard

Fully Built and Outer Yard being done

The Full Church

Inside the Church


Lil more added, Farms and a Warehouse with sleeping quarters fully running. Working on the ranching, and Have protected my food area. Lots of critters running around :stuck_out_tongue:

Farming All day long


They wont stop coming

But i have a full force to fight them all


This is really cool! Good work, mate! I am also trying to make a church, this is great inspiration!

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Just a few more builds

The cook house, Blacksmith, Small Tavern, Carp house (which i took from Tier 2 Blacksmith and changed it a bit.)

Cook’s Kitchen

Blacksmith and his House


Carp Shop and House

No Grips on this day, with 25 hearths

My patrol coming back from Battle and hungry.

2 shots from Hearths view


Ranches up and running

Made a Herbalist Care up, Mason Up, Weaver Up, Potter up. and Engineer Build getting designed, Also threw in a Market for fun, yet taking awhile to build.


By the way Peeps. the walls and towers are done in sections. They are set and 6x24x6. There is a Long section, A section with stairs left, and stairs right, a small gate house, corner section (that can be rotated to set which ever way needed), a Corner Tower section, and a End Tower section. Still needed is mid Tower section, Gate tower section. Then maybe 2 lvl walls with towers and stairs to get to them. At the moment they build w/o a hitch but some problems do exist. and will be tested with new update in a few days. If all goes well i will load them up to be DL’ed . Also alot of my Builds this round i have been saving to be DLed(Including the Farms for Fence placing). except the Church as it had to be built in sections lol.

It’s a beautiful Town man!


Some more work done, Building the actual housing, and expansion with an inn. Walls complete

Some Housing Up

Walls Complete

Planned So far.

Planned Engineer Shop/house, may change a bit.

Market fully finished YAY!

Getting some bug, but nothing i cant work around yet. up to 15 hearth still refusing more, kinda scared to make the AI of amuck.

Also working on getting another 3 clerics up with 3 more footman and anther archer and knight, bringing me to a total of 14 soldiers. Why 3 Clerics, well this is a religious town with a Clerical Church of Cid :stuck_out_tongue:


Slowly growing. Taking a bit lol.

Night shot

Day shot

My Trusty 12 Soldiers, They havent lost a battle yet. Including all campaigns

No Time to eat when invaders come along

I felt bad for this Orc

Now just some random Close-up Pics

Crafter’s Street

Welcome to the Church of Cid

The Front Gate.