Trapper is not always collecting loot from trapping grounds

Dunno if it’s actually true, but I’ve noticed that if you make too large trapping grounds, the poor trapper(s) get overwhelmed by the bounty as trappers seem to priortize… uh… harvest before hauling the items, so they leave the stuff behind as they move from trap to trap.
I made a small 10x10 trapping grounds to replace one huge (40x40 I t hink) for one trapper and he seems to haul back atleast most of the jerky and hides where as with the huge one he was more focused in turning the grounds into aftermath of a slaughterfest >.>

Perhaps smaller critters would start avoiding places with hides and jerky littering about and instead, it’d start attracting bigger ones… Like wolves, monsters or even bears if Stonehearth gonna get those.