Trapper Homeward Bound Glitch

Trapper Homeward Bound Glitch

On a trapper’s way back from a long journey, I told him to drop his stuff off at home, he ran all the way back to where he came from, then executed the command.

Steps to reproduce:
-Command a Trapper to a far away place with wildlife
-Trap 2 animals and harvest them
-Wait till he returns, because of hunger or sleep
-When he is almost back, tell him to drop his loot at home

Expected Results:
For him to go to the flag and drop off his loot, starting from where I gave the order

Actual Results:
Same as the summary

I don’t understand… what’s happening? The trapper runs home to deposit stuff, but instead runs home, runs back and then tries to?

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sorry, but I have to agree with @Alfie here… it sounds like your describing what the trapper should actually be doing…

can you clarify please? :smiley:

Glad to know I’m not the only one… :smile:

Edit: Maybe the topic should be under the bug reports category… :wink:

I’ve had this happen as well.

What’s trying to be said is that after issuing a movement command to the trapper and the trapper begins to idle at that spot and when it’s automatic hunger responce kicks in it goes searching for food.

However when enroute to get food you tell the trapper to return home to deposit_item order and instead of pathing directly from that spot the trapper will walk all the way back to the spot where you originally gave him a movement order. and then after reaching that spot the trapper will path to the flag to deposit his bag.

So it’s like driving to a restaurant for dinner, turning around since you forgot your wallet at home. Then when you get home you realize your wallet was in your pocket the whole time and you make your way back to the resturant. :open_mouth:


Ohh! I hate it when that happens… :wink: Thanks for the better explanation (no offence, @sw0rdnshadow1).

indeed… updated! :wink:

Nah, non taken, I’m just glad that issue has been explained, whether its by me or someone else.