Transparent Menus

A transparent citizen menu would be extremely nice, so when we are cycling through our townies we can “see” where they are and what they are doing… at the moment the menus block everything.


What are your thoughts on a transparent menu when the mouse isn’t focused on it? I really like this idea but am concerned about getting the transparency percentage just right - this could make it easy to read when I’m trying to click on something, and easy to see through when not…


Transparency is tricky because at some point it sacrifices readability and/or causes a lot of underlying issues with layout and what’s behind it.

I’m working through a redesign of the game UI right now and trying to reduce all menu sizes by around 1/3rd or more. This, coupled with moving the menus to less central blocking locations, should help alleviate a lot of the problems with menus blocking action.


Understood on the trickiness of making menus transparent; making the frames movable would be a great start and still very handy and helpful.