Town upgrades that should be fixed

I really love this game, but I suggest some town features should be increased as in the Inventory. I have no way to get rid of anything besides waiting for a trader, please add some type of way to fix this.

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you can destroy items (clear them out) if you don’t want them and don’t care if you get anything out of them

or if you have the ability to build a merchant stall you can spawn one to sell items

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Thanks Ive been wanting to clear out 300 or so of the same materials lol

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I did that when I chopped a ton of trees to start building houses and had too many logs. I just got rid of them

and Welcome to the discourse @Ryan :grin:

If you have lots of stones or logs, you can use log/stone-piles, which convert like 30 items into one. When you need the materials, you can harvest the piles to get them back.

Also, you can create a market stall, where you can call upon traders to sell your stuff to.


Yup - this is the best way to go. I think it is under the carpenter?

Under the carpenter for Ascendants, under the potter for the Children of Rayya.