Tonics dropped by enemies are instantly usable

Sometimes enemies drop tonics with buffs. These are instantly usable although they are still owned by the enemy.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Defeat a strong enemy with the appropriate looting table (like a big Stone Golem)
  2. Get a buff tonic dropped (for example, Strength Tonic)

Expected Results:
Since anything the enemy drops is still owned by the enemy (red outline), you should use it only after one of your hearthlings picks it up.

Actual Results:
The tonic can be used instantly, i.e. right from where it was dropped, showing “Loot”, “Move item” and “Use” at the same time, so ownership has no effect.


Version Number:

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This seems like it could almost be a game design question as much as a bug. I think it would make the most sense for tonics to be like everything else, and only usable once looted. I kind of like the idea of being able to immediately use dropped tonics, but because you don’t really carry them around yourself, it doesn’t make much sense.

So I think it’s unintended behavior, but I’m not quite sure.


I thought as much. It may be made intended, but as it is now it probably isn’t.