Toms best quotes library


“Oh no. You’re stuck. How terrible. Let’s make a ladder…can I even do that?” - Tom, Thursday 2015 when he realized 4 hearthlings are stuck in a whole they dug…


"Now he can talk like a Canadian, see?"
proceeds to move the rock monster’s head up and down from his jaw


“Oh right, you can’t hear me because the stream machine’s lagging out. Bye!” - Tom 2015, as heard from the stream


“wow look at all the @'s!” - Tom 2016


“he looks like a punk Santa!” - Tom 2016


Truly a quote goldmine tonight.

“Nuke all the pieces of the skull under there,”
“This one here is what we call our Sean Connery hair.”
“It’s just a beard.”
“Everybody gets facial hair!”


“Farmer guy is getting in the way… so we are going to destroy him.” - Evil Tom 2016


Tom reads question in chat about how hats work with hair…

“Yes, we chopped up the head!” - Evil Tom 2016


“‘How’s the journey to Mor-door going?’ Wow that was a terrible pun.” - Tom (While making a stone door) 2016

[size=4] Why can’t I make swell puns? sob sob [/size]


“Fill, fill, fill, fill. - Who’s Phil!?” - Tom 2016


“I feel like Bob Ross… sweet.” - Tom 2016

“Yeah you’re right, its not centered. curses.” - Tom 2016


''I don’t wanna go into Photoshop right now, is there something else we can do? we are going to see if we can implement range combat" - Tom 2016


“That looks like a mushroom, it certainly doesn’t look like a tree” - Tom 2016

“this stinks, or maybe it doesn’t stink? it seems kinda stinky to me” - Tom 2016


“We’re compiling the whole world.” - Tom 2016


These quotes make me want to watch the livestreams more. :laughing:


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