Toms best quotes library


“Yessss… YESSSS… no.” - Tom 2015


Aaargghhh!! :scream: :scream_cat: :open_mouth:


" I’ll be right back, going to go order some food." - Tom 2015


“thanks for wa…” click -Tom end of every stream


:grinning: I was the one who asked for the town name. And let me tell you bear is going pretty well for itself


Say i drug… UHHH … Drag… concerning a rectangle :smiley:


“The joke’s on you 'cause the HOBA is real” - Tom 2015


“Oh look, we created a punk hearthling” -Tom 2015

“I didn’t mean anything towards gingers, or did I?” -Tom 2015

“I saw a lake while I was playing, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen” -Tom 2015

“Avert your eyes, children” -Tom 2014-2015

“I’ll see you guys next… Wait it’s tuesday, then I’ll see you Thursday” -Tom every stream on Tuesday

“Who are you? I’m the cook” -Tom 2015


“It’s like a headband with no flesh… HA!” - Tom 2015


“Oops, that was just me talking.” -Tom 2015


"Yes, @coasterspaul, it’s assymetric…

Assymetry is good for you."


some missed opportunities from last night’s stream… to the tapes!! :dash:


“These guys are supposed to be poofing. They aren’t poofing.” - Tom 2015


“I can assure you Doug is not Batman. For one thing Batman has hair” - Tom 2015


“Oh, hi, traveler. I would love a hoe!” - Tom 2015

Side note: My phone now automatically fills in Tom after - . I’ve been doing this way too much.


“You might be asking yourself, ‘Tom, can we build a bridge?’. And the answer is ‘Yes, we can.’” - Tom 2015


“aaaaaannnnnnnnnnd, time to put the kids to bed. cya folks.” -Steve Adamo every stream ever.


“It’s like Domino’s Pizza but we’re making carrots.” - Tom 2015


" We’ve got baskets of corn (clicking on baskets of carrots)." - Tom 2015


“PO-TA-TOES!” - Tom 2015