Tombstone on incomplete scaffolding

UI Error is occurred when I click the tombstone.

Workers continuously come to that problematic spot and try to build up scaffolding showing hitting motion with hammer.
After trying few times, a worker dump a log, and next worker comes and do same thing… and… looping.
If I look that tombstone from far high sky, workers look like circling town buses. One come, stop, leave, another depart, come, stop, leave, … looping.
Yes, logs are passengers. Hearthlings are very kind bus drivers.

I already commanded to pick up tombstone long time ago. But it seems almost be ignored.

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If you select the tombstone, press ~ and type “destroy” (no quotes) the tombstone will be erased. This may mess with your hearthlings AI, but they will stop.

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like i know they will not continue the work - i have seen this often when you build a house and there is one entitie in the way the dont complete the scaffolding and work - help via ladder not possible ;(